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Star Wars Still Courtesy of Walt Disney
Is the new Star Wars a war against white people? (No).
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The week of October 24, 2015 was#DrakeAlwaysOnBeat (we love you, Drake!); fact checking Back to the Future with Neil deGrasse Tyson; and sitting in the corner furtively eating the last of our cheese. It’s not our fault. It’s science.

Oh, and these kids answer the timeless question: Which is better, New York or L.A.?

Mash-Ups In The News:

Talib Kweli Analyzes the Rap in “Hamilton”

Please, you guys, listen to Hamilton because other than crying and learning more about America than you did in AP U.S. History class, Talib Kweli says it’s great. Other things you will learn from this article: Talib went to high school with James Van Der Beek.

via Vulture

Geborgenheit! 12 Words Describing Love that Have No English Equivalent

There’s an Inuit word for the sense of anticipation as you wait for someone to visit. An English word for that is “pre-game.”

via Mashable 

TV Shows Are More Diverse; But Writers’ Rooms Remain White

We are so pumped about seeing so many Mash-Ups on our TV screens these days. But here’s our free advice for network execs: Getting more Mash-Ups behind the scenes will ultimately make you a buttload of money as well, we promise. In other good news, Buzzfeed News is actually making huge strides with diversity in their newsroom.

via Slate

How Pittsburgh Is Growing America’s Next Great Chinatown

The boom of Chinese students in Pittsburgh has created crazy demand for the best quality Chinese food. Who’s up for a road trip to Pittsburgh in the spring? Meanwhile, let’s drink some baijiu.

via Saveur 

Eddie Murphy Awarded the Mark Twain Prize

Oh how we missed you, Eddie. Remember when the ice cream truck would come and you would lose your effing mind? We remember.

via CNN

Should Your Name Indicate Your Race?

Indicate your race to who? We must acknowledge racial bias related to names that are clearly Black when it comes to job applications or names that are clearly Asian when it comes to school applications. But shouldn’t names also reflect who we are because we are proud of who we are?

via Washington Post

Fer Chrissakes, Go Ahead and Boycott Star Wars

Oh you think that the fact that there are Asian, Black and Latino actors (and WOMEN) in the new Star Wars is the beginning of white genocide? Buhbye now.

via Nerds of Color

The Best New Restaurant in America Is Israeli. In New Orleans.

Meanwhile, in Tel Aviv, a restaurant offers a discount to Arabs and Jews who want to dine together.

via Esquire

Awkwafina Attempts to Master Her Rice Cooker

Our favorite profanity-prone New York rapper is learning to cook like her grandma, a.k.a without following any instructions. As she told us not too long ago: “I’m an American kid.” To date, our interview with her is still our only one featuring the word “queef.”

via NY Times

The Two Asian Americas

A history of Asians in the U.S. and the difficult challenge of always being on the outside.

via The New Yorker 

“Hoodie Monks” Use Hip-Hop to Spread Buddhism

Meet people where they are, as we always say. What would Siddhartha Gautama say about Rick Ross?

via Huffington Post


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