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Mash-Up Round-Up: Nuns are Retiring to Jewish Old Age Homes

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They miss bacon.
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The week of May 30, 2015 was: learning that Big Bird doesn’t want to be a player no more; being jelly of this teenager’s badass feminist yearbook quote; and feeling weird about it, but HELLO NEVILLE LONGBOTTOM. 10 points for Gryffindor. 

Mash-Ups in the News:

The Psychological Benefits of Identifying as Biracial

Those Mash-Ups raised to identify with the cultures of both of their parents have higher self esteem than non-Mash-Ups. Yeah, because we’re the greatest. Plus, great repeated use of “monoracial” in this article.

via NY Mag

Flashback: John Oliver Explains FIFA’s Corruption, With Love

In light of the arrests this week at FIFA (and the 900 migrant workers who died in Qatar), the world’s best primer on how fucked up FIFA is: they pay no taxes, the governments take on all the costs, but FIFA gets all the profits. Oh and they set up courts in South Africa that existed outside of the rest of the justice system.

 via Last Week Tonight

We Love Mom (And What She Cooks)

Great new series from our favorite foodie zine about our Mash-Up moms and what they cook. Hello Ginger Scallion Wings!

 via Lucky Peach

What It Looks Like When Your Toddler Has a Tantrum at Obama’s Feet

It happened at the White House Seder. Also, she’s a total Mash-Up. Also, Obama’s face in this photo.

via Washington Post

Being Black in Thailand

Black-American expats in Thailand are treated light years better than African migrants, and they don’t feel good about it.

via The Root

Food Expressions from Around the World

Do you have salami over your eyes? That’s Italian for “rose colored glasses.” We literally want salami over our eyes.

 via Chocolate and Zucchini

NYT’s Summer Reading List Has Achieved Peak Whiteness, Is Also Boring

Oops! The NYT summer reading list has boring books that were entirely written by white people. Pick some of the boring books written by POC too! We also write boring books! Thankfully, Slate put together some non-boring recommendations.

 via Slate

How Immigration Made British Food Great

Ever wonder why everything in England is a curry? And let’s be honest, curries are for sure better than scones.

 via The Guardian

Mat Johnson on Being Biracial in the 70s: “It Meant Being Black”

The author of the new novel “Loving Day” talks about being a racial optical illusion and about owning the word mulatto. And some thoughts on kissing his ass.

via NPR

Aging Catholic Nuns Get Care in Jewish Home for the Elderly

“I miss the bacon.” With more nuns over 90 than under 60, the Church is looking for alternative ways to support their aging sisters. In comes Jewish old age homes. At first hesitant, now everyone is way into it. We love this story.

via Crux Now

Larry, Jerry and Donald Are All Super Repubs

Which names are most likely to be the names of Democrats and which the names of Republicans? What would Larry David and Jerry Seinfeld say to their mega-elephant names?

via Verdant Labs

How American Restaurants Are Courting Filipinos, and Vice Versa

It’s a little weird when one of our foods becomes the “it” cuisine, but Filipino food is definitely taking its role in the spotlight. Bout time! At the same time, chefs are bringing great California cuisine to the Philippines, and having a lot of success.

via Eater

Brown Ballerinas: Diversity Is Coming

Beautiful interactive story about Dance Theater of Harlem and how the future is bright for diversity in dance.

 via Mashable

Aloha! Not Everybody is Pumped About the New Cameron Crowe Movie

So, only 30% of Hawaii is white, but the previews for this movie make it seems like it’s all military and whitefolk. That said, it does star four of the most delightful white people in showbiz, so maybe we will just see it and judge for ourselves. We do find it impossible to believe that Cameron couldn’t find an actual hapa actress to play the hapa lead.

via Entertainment Weekly

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