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Mash-Up Round-Up: Do White People Have Cousins?

Not cousins-cousins, but cousins.
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The week of November 25, 2017 was wondering if white people have cousins; seeing Coco and crying our faces off; pondering the, ahem, unusual aesthetic of The Cheesecake Factory; and catching up with Keanu. Also, everybody go to sleep.

Mash-Ups In The News:

South Korean Doctors Nurse North Korean Soldier To Health, With Surgery And K Pop 

A North Korean soldier who defected to South Korea was taken to doctor Lee Cook-jong sick with parasitic infections and riddled with bullets from crawling across the borderline. Now he’s watching CSI and listening to Girls Generation while he recovers.

via Washington Post

The Connected Vocabularies Of 6-Month Olds

Babies are smart! Smarter than we give them credit for. New studies show that they not only know and understand words, but those words are connected in a complex web like any adult’s brain! Talk to your babies and treat them like conversational partners — they’ll be listening.

via Atlantic

Why Women Of Color Are Less Likely To Come Forward In Sexual Assault Cases

Women and men are sharing their stories of sexual assault, and in most cases their voices are being heard. But the people still left out of the conversation? Women and men of color who have more to lose, and more reasons to stay silent.

via AP

Adult Siblings Can Make Our Lives Happier and Healthier 

Science says having a relationship with our siblings as adults makes us happier and healthier. Important reminder during this holiday season!

via NPR

U.S. Votes Against Anti-Nazi Resolution At United Nations

United Nations proposed a resolution that would combat “glorification of Nazism, Neo-Nazism, and other practices that contribute to fueling contemporary forms of racism, racial discrimination, xenophobia, and related intolerance.” The U.S. voted against it. That just about says it all.

via CBS

Pronouncing Children’s Names Correctly In The Classroom Makes A Huge Impact

Pronunciation matters. When you grow up constantly having your name butchered by your educators, it shows that your identity and culture are too “different” to be understood. Punita (Pu-nee-tha) Chhabra Rice breaks down steps that can teach teachers to do better.

via Edweek

What’s The Difference Between Korean, Chinese, And Japanese Chopsticks? 

Chinese chopsticks are longer for easier sharing, Japanese chopsticks are attached to the soul of their users, and Korean chopsticks are silver to detect arsenic. What kind of chopsticks do you use?

via Quartz

The Future Of The Internet Will Be Determined In The Next 3 Weeks

If you’re reading this, chances are you use the internet everyday. We need net neutrality so that all of us can continue to tell our mash-up stories and hear the journalists, culture makers, and truth tellers around the world. Ending net neutrality negatively affects everyone, so make your voices heard before the final nail is hammered.

via NBC

Massachusetts Becomes First State To Ensure No-Cost Birth Control 

Massachusetts resolutely ignored whatever birth control mandates might have been made recently, and is giving totally free birth control to the people who need it. The ones who made it happen? Women.

via WBUR

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