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Mash-Up Round-Up: Wheelie Suitcase + Naomi Osaka

Yellow wheelie suitcase
Masculinity and the wheelie suitcase.
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The week of July 10, 2021 was syncing our tushes; eating Saturday Candy; and trying to escape the neverending clutches of email. Oh, and twirling.

Mash-Ups In The News

How Gender Stereotypes Held Back The History Of Invention, Wheelie Suitcase Edition

Why did we have men on the moon before we all had rolling luggage? Here’s how macho culture and masculinity hold back our quality of life and our most obvious innovations. 

via The Guardian

Lou Diamond Phillips Has Worked His Whole Life To Play A Filipino-American Character

He has an impressive list of characters (and parents) of many ethnicities, but he’s only played his own ethnicity twice. The first, a role he wrote. The second, a role he asked to change. 

via Esquire

National Youth Poet Laureate Alexandra Huynh On Telling Stories Of Equality, Identity And Her “Double Life”

Alexandra Huynh is an 18-year-old Vietnamese-American Mash-Up, ready to use her poetry superpower and embrace her “Hannah Montana” double life to make the world a better place. 

via CBS News

QAnon’s New ‘Plan’? Run For School Board

Q is gone, Trump is out, but the followers have dispersed with a new plan: Ditch the QAnon label, target local governments, and shift the focus to “protecting the children.”

via NBC News

Naomi Osaka: ‘It’s O.K. Not To Be O.K.’

By the athlete herself, Naomi Osaka reflects on the past few weeks and advocates for a change to press conferences, privacy + empathy for mental health, and compassion for athletes as fellow human beings. Must read: This piece on Naomi from our friends at Racquet!

via Time

Reckoning With A Nazi Father

“What haunts are not the dead, but the gaps left within us by the secrets of others.”

via New Yorker

The Subversive Joy Of Lil Nas X’s Gay Pop Stardom

A hitmaker, a huge pop icon, an out gay man, a sexual being, and utterly himself. Read the story of Lil Nas X from childhood to Nicki Minaj fan to Twitter savant to global superstar. 

via NY Times

Stop Using ‘Exotic’ To Describe Food

What’s “exotic” to you isn’t “exotic” to everyone. What’s “exotic” to someone else might be “home” to you. So, why are we still using that label?

via Washington Post

How TikTok Products Go Viral

TikTok is where viral marketing + word-of-mouth marketing = an endless supply of really really good infomercials. When even pomegranate farmers are getting in on the hype, it’s time to deep dive into the #tiktokmademebuyit phenomenon. 

via Vox

A Rush To Use Black Art Leaves The Artists Feeling Used

Mistreated, underpaid, and pigeonholed — Black creative professionals describe being used by brands to lend legitimacy to diversity campaigns that reek of dangerous opportunism. (BTW Shantell is the best and you should probs check out her story on our pod How It Is.)

via NY Times

Nikole Hannah-Jones Statement On Declining Tenure Offer At UNC And Accepting At Howard University

“I fought this battle because I know that all across this country Black faculty, and faculty from other marginalized groups, are having their opportunities stifled, and that if political appointees could successfully stop my tenure, then they would only be emboldened to do it to others who do not have my platform.

I had to stand up. And, I won the battle for tenure. But I also get to decide what battles I continue to fight.”

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