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Mash-Up Round-Up: Soul Cycle + Kimchi Eggs in Purgatory

Looking good.
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The week of August 17, 2019 was making kimchi eggs in purgatorypumpkin spice SPAM; and the food diaries of every Democratic candidates in Iowa. Baconball BLTs FTW!

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1619 — The Year That Changed Everything

In 1619, the first slave ships landed on a British colony on the coast of the Atlantic, and forever shaped the country that America was to become. What can we learn, 400 years later, about who we really are?

 via New York Times

The Hypocrisy Of SoulCycle

“If gyms sell people on the idea that a gym affiliation is part of their identity, gyms can’t really be surprised when people quit because they no longer identify.” 

via The Atlantic 

What Makes An American?

Lara and Christine Villanueva came to America as children. Today, they’re as “American” as it gets. But, um, what does “American” really mean? See the process of “Americanization” through their eyes as they “Americanize” rapidly in surprising and contrasting ways.

via New York Times 

The W hotel Now Offers A $295 Room Service Menu Just For Mukbang

For less than $300, maybe you too can get 25.6 million views on a YouTube video titled: “*No Talking* ASMR Burger King WHOPPER 🍔🍟 Mukbang 먹방 French Fries & Chicken Fries.” We love our absurd world. 

 via Washington Post

For Japanese Americans, ‘The Terror’ Is Personal

“The Terror: Infamy” brings Japanese Internment back to life in all its haunting and disturbing colors. As those who lived through Topaz, Jerome, Heart Mountain, and Tule Lake pass on, it’s up to the new generation to hold their memories. 

via Los Angeles Times

Rap’s Baby Boom

Lil Baby, DaBaby, Sada Baby, Sahbabii, Bbymutha, Baby Goth. Bhad Bhabie, Baby Soulja, Baby Keem, Bali Baby, Young Baby Tate, Baby E, BBG Baby Joe….the list goes on. Read to understand why.

via GQ

Can Stacey Abrams Save American Democracy?

Abrams lost her run for governor by only 54,723 votes. The year before, her opponent oversaw the purging of 670,000 registered voters. Democracy only works when everyone can vote, and Stacy Abrams is getting the job done. 

 via Vogue

The New Servant Class

The Uber of dog walking, the Uber of house cleaning, the Uber of laundrying, the Uber of fitness training — being a rich person’s servant isn’t what it used to be. 

via The Atlantic

Never Forgetting And Always Fighting: Jewish Activists Rise Up Against Locking Away Migrant Kids

We were told “Never again.” These young Jewish activists aren’t taking that message for granted. The Never Again Action movement has launched at least seven protests against ICE nationwide, and they’re just getting started.

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