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Mash-Up Round-Up: Why are Watermelon and Fried Chicken Racist?

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But they taste so good.
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The week of June 6, 2015 was shaving our dog into a cube; regretting that our high school graduation was never this cool; and sexing each other to death. (No, not really.)

Beau Biden: Thank you for your service.

Mash-Ups in the News:

The Complicated Relationship Between Chinese Students and American Universities

According to a study, 70% of Chinese applicants to American universities have other people write their essays. As students fail out for being unprepared, how do universities and students deal with this?

via The Atlantic

Islamophobia at 30,000 Feet

Ever thought of using your Diet Coke can as a weapon? Us either. Apparently a United flight attendant refused to serve Northwestern’s Muslim chaplain a can of DC just in case she did.

via The Guardian

Are Fried Chicken and Watermelon Racist? 

A funny video exploring two undeniably delicious foods, and the history of their racist baggage.

via MTV

Weeksville: A Hamlet for Free Blacks in Brooklyn (in 1838)

In Brooklyn there was a Black separatist community out to prove that they were equal in all possible accomplishments. The first Black, female physician came from Weeksville. She finished medical school in 1870!

via NY Times

Call Me Caitlyn: Bruce Jenner’s Incredible Transformation

And important thoughts from Laverne Cox on privilege and inclusivity.

via Vanity Fair

Judaism’s First Black, Lesbian Rabbi?

Yes please.

via Huffington Post

11 Pop Stars You Should Know

French, Colombian, Swedish, Las Vegan: you know the great new ish is coming from Mash-Ups.

via Mic

Make Your Kid Less Asian? 

You can pay a college counselor $40,000 to help your kids do less stereotypically Asian extracurriculars like, you know, math-y science-y things. Our take: Nope.

via Mom

The End of Sheloshim: Sheryl Sandberg Reflects

We often talk about the way grief and mourning are informed by our traditions. Sheryl Sandberg wrote about the end of sheloshim of her husband’s death, the Jewish marking of the end of religious mourning after 30 days. She reminds us of the pain and preciousness of our lives. And she reminds us that sometimes you can’t have option A, but you can kick the shit out of option B.

via Sheryl Sandberg/Facebook

Queer Paradise: The Muxes of Mexico

An amazing article about a southern Mexican town that has reinvented sex and gender. There is a tradition of men who transform into women — full time or just sometimes — and build lives with straight men. They’re called “muxes” and they have their own traditions and clans.

via Fusion

Asian Parents Who Love Their LGBTQ Kids

For pride month, a group launched PSAs in several languages with immigrant parents talking about their love for their LGBTQ kids. Most need subtitles. It’s very moving.

via Angry Asian Man

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