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Mash-Up Round-Up: Day Drinking with Rihanna + Seth

Dream dates.
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The week of June 22, 2019 was finding out we’re growing horns because we’re using our phones too much; delighting in Michelle Obama whacking Harry Styles in the crotch; and the Garfield restaurant. Also, take your damn shoes off. That’s all.

Must watch: Rihanna and Seth Meyers got wasted. It’s better than you could even imagine.

Mash-Ups In The News:

Americans Just Want Immigrants For The Food

We’re Mash-Ups. Our food is important, and our food is good. But immigrants being reduced to tacos, bao, gochujang? Not here for it.

via Eater

What Really Happened To Malaysia’s Missing Airplane

It’s a devastating mystery that belongs on a TV drama, not our real-life 2014. Five years later and MH370 is still missing, but we’re checking back in on all the facts, theories, and details surrounding this missing plane.

via The Atlantic

Asian Americans On Being “Likable” In The Modern Workplace

Asian American applicants to Harvard were consistently scored lower on their “likability”…it doesn’t stop at Harvard. Hear how these Asian Americans feel about stereotypes, representation, fitting in, and being liked.

via Fast Company

Gender Stereotypes Have Been Banned From British Ads

From doofy dads who can’t change diapers to scantily clad women used as props, the UK is cracking down on ads with stereotypes “likely to cause harm, or serious or widespread offense.” There’s a lot to unpack.

via Vox

For Catholic Quinceañeras, Oakland’s Mormon Temple Is The Place To Be

Some true religious mashiness in these quinceañera pics. Beautiful, Instagramable locales truly unite us all.

via The Mercury News

Why Millennials Can’t Afford To Buy A House

Once upon a time, The American Dream meant owning a home. Meanwhile, Millennials will still be waiting on that dream in their late seventies. How did housing become another battle of the generations?

via The Atlantic

What It Looks Like To Care For Separated Migrant Children

“We would have to say, ‘In many, many days you will be reunited with your parent, but we have to do a lot of paperwork. They would start crying and it wasn’t just tears, it was screams.”

24-year-old Alma Acevedo reveals her experience caring for children separated from their families.

via New York Times

An Expert On Concentration Camps Says That’s Exactly What The U.S. Is Running At The Border

We have concentration camps in our country right now. Let that sink in, don’t fall on the wrong side of history, and consider how to talk about these events “appropriately.”

via Esquire

Tiny Love Stories: ‘Our Families Couldn’t Know’

Less than 100 words, but each story submitted by Indian readers deserves its own book, sequel, and movie adaptation.

via New York Times

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