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Mash-Up Round-Up: Oops, My Adopted Chinese Son is Korean

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But should he tell the kid?
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The week of November 8, 2014, was: ugh, #alexfromtargetTig Notaro goes topless, is amazing. Be kind to each other, we love you.

Mash-Ups in the News:

Raising Your Adopted Korean Son as Chinese, Oops

Is this real? Is anything real? Reddit strikes again in uncovering massive human fails.

via The Blemish

The Second Languages of Every Country in the World

We love a good language map. How do you say, “Necesito el baño?” in Nahuatl?

via Business Insider

Who Doesn’t Need a Hello Kitty Foam Art Latte?

This Japanese pop-up only serves Hello Kitty shaped foods. Why…Or why not? That is the question.

via Eater

The Sikh Sartorialist: “The Turban is a Crown”

This incredibly stylish young British-Sikh dude has a blog of fashionable Sikhs. It’s smart and inviting.

via Wall Street Journal 

How to Never Talk/Think/Write About Culture

We like to purely speculate as much as the next guy, but reading this description of the “differences” between Japanese, Korean and Chinese people makes our entire body convulse.

 via The Internet

From the Bronx to Copenhagen: Malcolm Livingston and Pie

This superstar young pastry chef is a Bajan-Black man from the Bronx married to a Japanese woman and is moving to Copenhagen to work at the best restaurant in the world, with another great Mash-Up. Plus, his aunt seems like a sweetie.

via NY Times 

Are You in Love with a Priest? There’s a Group for That

Ladies and priests fall in love and it’s forbidden by the Church, butmaybe it’s actually very common. (Yes, once again we’re evoking the Canterbury Tales.) But actually there’s a “Let Priests Get Married” movement afoot and it’s important.

via NY Times

Pubic Hair Transplants Are a Thing in South Korea

OH THE IRONY. In Korea, pubic hair represents sexual health and fertility. When Korean ladies experience pube-loss, they get hair transplanted from their scalps. You’re welcome!

via Refinery 29 

Mindy Kaling Picks Her #EEEEEATS

Mindy gives her tips for the best places to go in Manhattan.

via The Infatuation

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