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Mash-Up Round-Up: Parents Don’t Matter

At least, not as much as we think.
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The week of September 17, 2016 was SAVING NELLYswearing off sugar and eating fat; being so happy that teenagers like this exist; being so happy kids like this exist; and trying not to eat our peanut butter and jelly wrong.

Shine Theory is the best theory, and the most powerful women in Washington know it too.

Mash-Ups in the News:

How Asian Beauty Replaced French Beauty For American Aesthetes

Asians are the fastest growing immigrant group to the U.S., and Asian skincare is very serious business. It’s not just a trend, but reflects a cultural shift (and a willingness to have a 10-step nighttime skincare routine).

via Pacific Standard

Jay Z And The War On Drugs

In this powerful animated video, Beyoncé’s husband has a few things to say about the inequity in how Black and Latino men have been treated in the “War on Drugs” and the lasting impact on our culture.

via New York Times

The Definitive Guide To Sausage

We’re very chorizo…you?

via Tasting Table

How Unconscious Bias Is Affecting Our Ability To Listen

It turns out people prefer British accents to New York accents even when they are saying the exact same thing. More importantly we prefer men’s voices to women’s voices…and this affects whether we dismiss people (ahem, women) or listen.

via Fast Company

How Much Do Parents Matter?

After 50 years of studying parents around the world, the authors of a new book point out that perhaps parents matter a little less than we think and that much of what we are taught about parenting is bound to our cultures. Takeaway: We should learn to ask more questions and trust ourselves.

via The Atlantic

Healing Hasidic Masturbators and Cheaters With Psychiatric Drugs

This reminds us of one of our favorite movies! Unfortunately, this is real, and not satire.

via Narrative.ly

The Centuries-Old Shrine Where Indians Pray for U.S. Visas

It really is a crapshoot to get a U.S. visa, so why wouldn’t you pray? This is a wonderful story about mixing the old and the new, the spiritual and the practical in a town called Chilkur, outside of Hyderabad. Thousands of people come to pray for visas and there are very prescribed rituals: 11 times around the shrine as you pray for the visa, and 108 times around when you give thanks for getting the visa.

via Atlas Obscura


Colin Kaepernick And The Question Of Who Gets To Be Called A Patriot

Who gets to be American? Who gets to be a patriot? We believe that it’s one of our greatest rights as Americans to stand up to injustice and challenge authority. This beautiful piece examines how and when we express our patriotism. Also, did you know players in the NFL didn’t stand up for the National Anthem until 2009. Our friend Matt Ufford, a former Marine, has something to say about it the issue, too.

via New York Times

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