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Mash-Up Round-Up: Trevor Noah Trolling + Knitting Racism

To us, you are perfect.
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The week of March 2, 2019 was considering wiping our instagram (again); the fat rat that stole our heart; knitting insta gets real; and don’t do this, wypipo.

We love you Selma Blair and we’re grateful for all of your truth.

What Roller Skating Can Tell Us About Race In America

Roller skating + hip hop. Roller skating + segregation. Roller skating + gentrification. Diving into roller skating’s past, present, and future is like diving into the history and reality of race in America.

via WNYC

Jorge Ramos Showed Maduro Video Of Venezuelans Eating Garbage

Jorge Ramos and his Univision team were detained at Maduro’s presidential palace after “provoking” him with q’s on his lack of democracy, his political prisoners, and his current humanitarian crisis. This video, which Maduro really doesn’t want you to see, was the final straw.

via Washington Post

Why White School Districts Have So Much More Money

$23 billion = How much MORE money majority-white schools have in their budgets compared to non-white schools. Segregated schools were ruled unconstitutional in 1954, but years of district borders and property taxes have brought us right back here in 2019.

via NPR

The Trauma Floor

We’ve never seen a man stabbed to death on Facebook — but there’s someone in Arizona whose job it is to watch those kinds of horrifying videos all day long. The content moderators working for Facebook have seen it all and judged it all, but the emotional and psychological trauma doesn’t go away when they leave their desks.

via The Verge

We Don’t Deserve Michelle Yeoh

“When I first came out here, honestly, there was no regard for Asian actors. They were like, ‘Oh, you speak English!’”

There have been a lot of iconic moms in pop culture, but this is OUR MOM. She can cut you down with one sentence, loves her jewels, kicks ass when needed, and always makes sure you’re fed. Michelle Yeoh has been here for years, and she’s not going anywhere.

via Elle

Heavy Metal Confronts Its Nazi Problem

Heavy Metal is officially NSFN (Not Safe For Nazis) and we’re more than ready to add headbangers like “Fuck Nazi Sympathy” to our Spotify.

“The worldwide rise of violent white supremacy and fascism has put every one of us — but especially those in marginalized communities — at risk, and metal should not be allowed to become a breeding ground for right-wing extremism”

via New Yorker

United Methodists Tighten Ban On Same-Sex Marriage And Gay Clergy

Oh United Methodists …why? Why are you locking out new generations by refusing to include or accept LGBT clergy or marriage? 

via New York Times


Bideshi? Amma? Moshjid? Check out the official glossary by the Bangladeshi Identity Project to learn all the words you didn’t know you didn’t know!

via Medium

A ‘Tradition’ Omission: I Had Never Seen ‘Fiddler’ Until Now

It’s impossible to truly escape “Fiddler on the Roof” if you grew up Jewish. “Fiddler” is your mom crying because you’re marrying a non-Jew. When your children grow old and you don’t remember getting older. When menace and intolerance is lurking behind you. “Fiddler” sings “tradition” in every sense of the word.

via New York Times

Trevor Noah’s Oscar Joke Originated with Sitting Bull

“‘Abelungu abazi ubu ndiyaxoka,’ which means, ‘In times like these, we are stronger when we fight together than when we try to fight apart.”

Oscar audiences nodded their heads, but the Xhosa phrase really means, “White people don’t know I’m lying.” To find the origins of this awe inspiring troll, we’ve gotta go back to a similar scene in 1883, featuring the great Sioux chief Sitting Bull + Ulysses S. Grant.

via Los Angeles Times

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