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Mash-Up Round-Up: Hora Injuries & Lots of People Speak Tagalog

Football just got a little more colorful.
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The week of May 16, 2014 was: first openly gay athlete drafted by the NFL, finding great family recipes and powerful modern curses.

Mash-Ups in the News:

New Jersey ‘Mormon Prom’ Draws Hundreds of Teens for Celebration of Modesty

Prom with no alcohol, drugs or freaking [Editor’s Note: this was a type of very close dancing from the 90s]? Sounds super fun!

via Huffington Post

Michael Douglas Suffers Hora Related Injury  

Seriously guys, should we convene to discuss perils of the hora? Shout out to our dad who once had to be wheelchaired out of a wedding after the hora.

via Tablet Magazine

Language Map: What Language Does Your State Speak?

After English and Spanish, Tagalog is the most spoken language in California. This is somehow less surprising than the fact that German is the most spoken language in, like, 20 states.

via Slate

A True Tough Guy: The Mafia, Gays and Michael Sam’s Boyfriend

Michael Sam’s Vito Cammisano is the grandson of Willie “the Rat” Cammisano (so called for killing people & throwing them in the sewer for the rats). Now his grandson is more into kissing than killing. Also, the mafia owned the first gay bars!

via Daily Beast

Which Words Are Used to Describe White and Black NFL Prospects?

‘Intangibles’ vs ‘Gifted’? Just like those tests about our assumptions, it’s pretty fascinating to see the kind of language we casually use.

via Deadspin

An Artist Reimagined Disney Princesses with Difference Races

Um, hello, was Cinderella actually a geisha?

via E! Online

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