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Mash-Up Round-Up: Tragic History of Zombies

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The more you know.
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The week of October 31, 2015 was dreaming of pink flowers in the desert, staying cool like dat, and eating bacon no matter what because we are living our best lives. Also exploring lox vs nova vs gravlax. This enormously fat dog flying first class? Might be our spirit animal.

Mash-Ups in the News:

What America’s Immigrants Looked Like at Ellis Island

Did you ever wonder what Russian Cossacks arriving on Ellis Island in the early 1900s looked like? The answer is, really awesome.

via Washington Post

Cooking Grandma’s Curry Goat

Our Mash-Up Grandmas never like to give us many instructions with their recipes (Just a pinch! You’ll know when it’s ready!). See this lovely story about family and memory and cooking Jamaican Curry Goat.

via Buzzfeed

On Black Bodies, South Carolina, and the Power of Technology

“Technology has made the world a panopticon. It has widened the range of who watches and who is watched. Each day, we learn of a new injustice against the black body and in many cases, we now have pictures, videos.” After a video of a South Carolina officer beating a school girl goes viral, Roxane Gay asks: How will the power of technology change our conversation on race? Will it?

via NY Times

Junot Diaz Stripped of Award from Dominican Republic

The wondrous author Junot Diaz was stripped of an award that honored him as a great Dominican, because he has been critical of the Dominican government.

via The Guardian

Tokyo Sexwale and the Other Candidates for FIFA Prez

We are loving the names of the person stepping into Sepp Blatter’s shoes. Tokyo Sexwale definitely sounds less corrupt than Sepp Blatter…right?

via SB Nation

“Diversity” Has Lost Its Meaning

Using the word euphemistically and imprecisely has been deadly to our conversations about what it means to value diversity, argues the inimitable Anna Holmes.

via NY Times

Virginia School Teaches Korean Dads How to Hug

It turns out some Korean men need a little training on being affectionate. In addition to learning how to hug your kids, the course includes massaging your wife’s feet. We approve all around.

via PRI

Meet the Polyamorous London Club Kids Who Identify as … Unicorns

So there’s a guy named Shaft who was inspired by Burning Man (sigh) and has a kind of polyamorous-glitter-love-club / business where everyone identifies as unicorns.

via VICE

America Erased the Tragic History of the Zombie

The more you know: The myth of the zombie emerged in the 1600s in Haiti as a reflection of the dehumanization of the African slaves. Wow.

via The Atlantic

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