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Mash-Up Round-Up: W. Kamau Bell, Cory Booker & More On Ferguson

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It's time to listen.
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The week of November 29, 2014 was: a critical argument-raining v. sprinkling; never sitting down again; and catching Kayla

We are forever thankful for our Mash-Up community. Gratitude, peace, and love.

Check out some of the amazing Mash-Up meals that our community made this week, including Sticky Rice Stuffing, Schnitzel, and, of course, Everything with Kimchi.

On Ferguson:

Why Don’t My White Friends Talk About Race?

via Tue Night

How Do I Parent on a Night Like This?

via The Manifeststation

W. Kamau Bell: On Being a Big Black Man in America, 2014

via Vanity Fair

Cory Booker: On Being a Big Black Man in America, 1992

via Stanford Daily

Mash-Ups in the News:

We Do Not Wish You a Happy Thanksgiving, Dan Snyder

Really? The Redskins sent a Happy Thanksgiving tweet on an image of their logo, a Native American? It’s just like, take one day off, please.

via Washington Post 

Halle Berry Sues Ex for Relaxing Biracial Daughter’s Hair

AH. He lightened and straightened his daughter’s hair to make her less black. This is to the max.

via Daily Mail

WATCH: aka Dan

This movie follows a Korean-American musician who was adopted by a white family as he seeks his birth family and MIGHT have found out he has a twin.

via Entertainment Weekly

Is Harvard Unfair to Asian Americans?

A Harvard lecturer investigates how the historically racially biased admissions practices combined with the focus on legacy admissions and recruited athletes impact Asian American admissions.

via NY Times

 In Sweden, Cabbies Offer Therapy in the Backseat

In order to compete with Uber and other new transportation services, this taxi company hired a number of trained psychologists to ride with you in the backseat. Taxi Cab Confessions has a new meaning!

via Springwise

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