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Mash-Up Round-Up: Wu Tang’s Vocab & Kim Kardashian Discovers Racism

Their vocab ain't nothing to eff with.
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The week of May 9, 2014 was: lost historical photos of moms, murderous dosa makers, and not apologizing for being white but maybe missing the point.

Mash-Ups in the News:

The Largest Vocabulary in Hip Hop

Hip hop is a game of words and rhythms. Or for some artists, just a few words over and over again. Apparently, Wu Tang Clan really ain’t nothing to eff with, and while Dr. Dre may have low vocab, the only word he’s saying now is “MONEY”.

via McDaniels.com

Stop Sharing That ‘Bring Back Our Girls’ Photo…She’s Not Nigerian

In this week’s edition of “All Ethnic People Look the Same!”, that photo that has gone viral in the awareness campaign about the kidnapped Nigerian girls? Oh, not a kidnapped girl and not Nigerian. OOPS.

via Mashable

Here’s a List of What Junot Diaz Wants You to Read

Summer reading list time! If you haven’t read Oscar Wao, do it. Junot thinks most literary lists are filled with the same white dudes. This is a list of other books Junot recommends with a little more sabor. Apparently Lord of The Rings counts.

via Colorlines

Kim Kardashian has Bi-Racial Kid, Blows her own Mind

Kim Kardashian just discovered racism. Her Black-Armenian American bebe has her thinking…

via Kim Kardashian

Speaking of…Talking Mixed Race Identity with Young Children

Tips for Kim in her future chats with North! But seriously, a nice essay about being many things all at once and trying to discuss that with your kids.

via Hyphen

Meet Ghee: The Butter Chefs Love That’s Also Good for You

Ghee is delish and has ayurvedic properties. Indians have known this for eternity. The rest of us are thousands of years behind. DAMN YOU MARGARINE!

via Yahoo Food

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