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Mash-Up Round-Up: Asians are the Healthiest Americans

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Crossing fingers that Mapo Tofu is why.
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The week of May 21, 2016 was playing Never Have I Ever with Jordan Catalano; having our Whopper our way!; and feeling proud that a Korean gothic lesbian revenge thriller has gotten all the snaps at Cannes. Tribes!

Oh, and our friends at Racquet have launched a tennis magazine that’s extremely awesome and discusses the mashy parts of tennis. Check it out!

Mash-Ups In The News:

How to Manage Your Girlfriend’s White Guilt

This feels like an Onion article but it’s real.

 via NY Mag

Mispronouncing a Student’s Name Can Have Lasting Impact

Names are a big deal for Mash-Ups. And when your teacher mocks your name or consistently mispronounces it…well, that can create lifelong trauma. PS: We are talking about names on an upcoming podcast and we want to hear from you. Tell us your Starbucks name here!

via PBS

Why Asian Americans are the Healthiest Americans

Another way to be a model minority: Be the healthiest! Seriously though, the CDC studied Asian Americans and found out that they are the healthiest Americans. And Chinese Americans are the real winners. It basically gives no reasons why, so let’s just assume that our mapo tofu habit is the secret to long life.

via Marketwatch

These Earbuds Will Translate Foreign Languages in Real Time

The future is now. This doesn’t mean that we shouldn’t all be trying to learn our mother tongue or at least one other language, but it’s pretty dope that you can talk to someone who doesn’t speak the same language as you and get real time translation. We can all pretend we work at the UN!

 via Mashable

Ending Dog Farms in Korea

We have complicated feelings about telling people what they can eat. Something taboo here may be a delicacy somewhere else and vice versa. That said, this is a really interesting article about how traditions shift generationally as young Koreans who are living in a wealthy country get pets and change their views on what they might eat.

 via NY Times

Michael Cohen vs. Michael Cohen

The tale of two men with the same name: Both are Jewish but they are on exact opposite sides of the political debate, one being a lead Trump advisor and another being a fierce opponent.

 via Forward 

The Best Rappers of All Time on How They Write a Rhyme

Basically, our heads exploded over this. It’s like the best literature class ever taught but in the form of a video that dissects how different rhyming schemes in rap evolved over time.

 via Vox

9 of 10 Native Americans Aren’t Offended by “Washington Redskins”

The Native American community’s response to the name “Redskins” seems to be a balance of pride and a sort of “Who cares? It’s not important” attitude. Great reminder that what offends one of us doesn’t offend us all!

 via Washington Post

Turmeric Latte, Anyone?

The Guardian is calling the “Turmeric Latte” a hot new trend, but Indians are calling this warm, sweetened turmeric milk drink a haldi doodh – BECAUSE THEY’VE BEEN CALLING IT THAT FOR LITERALLY EVER. On a related note, we are on a serious turmeric anti-inflammatory kick.

via Buzzfeed

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