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Mash-Up Round-Up: The Irish Goodbye. The French Exit. The Dutch Goodbye.

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To leave without saying goodbye, that is the question.
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The week of October 18, 2014 was: discovering pancake art; still not totally understanding Gamergate, but understanding why it feels so familiar; wanting to wear J.Crew and get drunk immediately.

Mash-Ups in the News:

Russian Monks Make Mozzarella to Defy Putin

Monks are so industrious! Putin bans foods imported from the U.S. and the E.U., and the monks went to Italy to get trained in cheesemaking. Is this one of the Canterbury Tales?

via The Independent

Meet Kelli Lee, the Woman Behind ABC’s Renaissance

Are you watching Scandal? Grey’s? Black-ish? You can thank Kelli Lee, the casting director who realizes that Mash-Ups are America.

via Fast Company

Black Diabetics Lose Limbs 3x More Often Than Non-Blacks

All of the factors that go into assessing our health are mind-boggling: neighborhood safety, good sidewalks to walk on, access to food, access to healthcare, etc. 

via Bloomberg BusinessWeek

Dao Nguyen Named Publisher of BuzzFeed

A non-white lady Mash-Up at the top of the heap! We got 99 problems with BuzzFeed, but this ain’t one.

via Recode.net

The Irish Goodbye. The French Exit. The Dutch Leave

This guy says just leave. Stop the goodbye rituals. As ladies who have a hard time saying goodbye, we might soon be doing this.

via Slate

Listen: How to be a Pregnant Butch Lesbian

Do we really have to say anything about this? It’s an amazing confluence of many of our questions about identity.

via WNYC

Not Black, Not White, And Therefore Invisible

If you are the model minority, do you represent “diversity”? Is it easier just to kind of ignore Asian Americans in business and media? Well, here on HuffPo’s Black Voices someone is writing about Asian-American men and their penises, so that’s…something?

via Time

Keeping Our Curls (Or Not)

We know that hair is a big deal. Curls may be making a comeback, but we’ll keep straightening. Or maybe not straightening. Either way, we will probably feel guilty about it. 

via Kveller

US Catholics Overwhelmingly Accept Homosexuality

75% of Catholics under 30 support legal same-sex marriage. Get us Pope Francis on the line! 

via Pew Research Center

A Giant Inflatable Butt Plug in Paris

Oh, sorry, we meant Christmas Tree! Not Butt Plug! This brings a whole new meaning to The Great Christmas Tree Debate.

via The Independent

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