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Mash-Up Round-Up: African Ikea + Sandra Oh Making History

What took so long, world?
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The week of July 14, 2018 was getting on the waitlist for Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s lipstick; obsessing over the Hollywood Con Queen; and we always preferred Domino’s anyways.

Mash-Ups In The News:

Sandra Oh On Her Emmy Nomination: ‘It’s Not Just Me At This Moment’

The. First. Asian. Woman. To. Be. Nominated. For. A. Lead. Role.
YES, SANDRA OH! Also, note the “lead” role part of this category. We’re the leads in our stories, not just the supporting roles. Next step: Our girl finally winning the Emmy she should have won years ago.

via New York Magazine

‘He Seemed So Small.’ AP Reporter Recounts 1-Year-Old Before Immigration Judge

“Can a 1-year-old understand immigration law?” What the f**k kind of question is that? Astrid Galván was the only reporter at a Friday hearing where 20 children — including toddlers — were called to stand before a judge and asked whether they understood the charges against them.

via Poynter

How Has Language Shaped Your World?

Did your parents raise you bilingual? Trilingual? Did a preschool teacher tell your mom to stick with just English? No matter how many languages you speak (or can barely speak), how you communicate has undoubtedly changed your life.

via Los Angeles Times

Opposition To Breast-Feeding Resolution By U.S. Stuns World Health Officials

The rest of the world agrees: Breastfeeding is healthy for our babies, and formula companies shouldn’t be allowed to lie about that. We say, “rest of the world,” because the U.S. keeps insisting on being The Worst — we’re talking the literal bullying and blackmailing of smaller countries to protect corporate interest over human health. No bueno.

via New York Times

Do You Eat Dog?

The stereotype that Asian people (you know, all 4.5 billion of us) would eat man’s best friend has a long history. Whether it’s a joke or a moral panic, the idea has always been political.

via Taste Cooking

Maysoon Zayid Is the Most Fearless Comic Alive

What does it mean to be a comedian in this day and age? It means being Maysoon Zayid, a certified funny person whose identity as a Muslim woman with cerebral palsy has her battling (and defeating) bullies every day.

via Glamour

This Is What Ikea Furniture Looks Like When It’s Designed By African Designers

Scandinavian functionality + African design: Last year, Ikea recruited some of the top designers from across Africa to create a unique collab line called Överallt, which means “everywhere” in Swedish and we need ALL OF IT.

via Quartz

‘Consecrated Virginity’ Is On The Rise, According To The Vatican

Trend alert! Women (who are not nuns) are devoting themselves to God by taking lifelong vows of celibacy. Wait. Go back. What???

via Women in the World

Eritrea + Ethiopia Sign Historic Peace Deal

After two decades of war, the leaders of Eritrea and Ethiopia signed a peace agreement Monday which lays out a new era of cooperation between the former enemies, along with a new era for the Horn of Africa.

via Wall Street Journal

Eight Drivers, Five Days: A Migrant’s Emotional Journey To Find Her Daughter

We are so strengthened by this story. A loose coalition of volunteers from Arizona to New York, called Immigrant Families Together, was motivated to help reunite migrant families separated at the border. So they did it. Led by a theater director in Brooklyn, these volunteers are helping to locate family members, then pay bail bonds and drive, house, and feed parents making cross-country trips to reunite with children sent to shelters thousands of miles away. Yes. #RESIST

via Washington Post

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