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Mash-Up Round-Up: Instagram Face + Taco Vendors

Still waiting for those taco trucks on every corner.
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The work of December 14, 2019 was trying to figure out how to live without delivery; mourning this fee on our favorite taco vendors; and learning why humans kiss. Mwah!

Call It A Crime Of Pasta

“Contraband orecchiette” might be one of our favorite phrases of the decade. A story of ear-shaped pasta, the grandmothers who make it, and the effort to keep our traditions alive. 

via New York Times

Merriam Webster Names ‘They’ As Its Word Of The Year For 2019

They”: a singular pronoun used to refer to a person whose gender identity is nonbinary. The gender neutral pronoun is used in place of “he or she.”  Unofficial runner-up? the phrase, “quid pro quo” spiked 644% this year. 

From 2010 to 2016 to 2020, how has the internet decade changed the way we talk

via Merriam Webster

Cache Of Crypto-Jewish Recipes Dating To Inquisition Found In Miami

Genie Milgrom’s new kosher cookbook, “Recipes of My 15 Grandmothers” is a tribute to centuries of Catholic Cuban-Spanish matriarchs with hidden Sephardic Jewish roots. We shall treasure this while fighting Trump’s new horrific executive order.

via Times of Israel

The Fall Of The Berlin Wall Once Gave South Korea Hope. Not Anymore

In central Seoul, a section of the Berlin Wall stands as a symbol of hope, envy, and resignation. The more we learn about the German case, the more it becomes clear: Germany’s situation was different than Korea’s. Perhaps too different. 

via Los Angeles Times

The Rebel Saint Of South Sudan

60 years old and five feet tall, Sister Gracy drives her Land Cruiser past demolished communities, keeping her eyes on military patrols along the way. She embodies courage with every action she takes toward her legacy of heroism. 

via Roads & Kingdoms

Around The World In 5 Kids’ Games

Hand-clapping games are passed from girl to girl like playground lore. In NYC (home to over 637 languages and dialects) these games represent the collective imagination of its schoolchildren and their mash-up origins.

via New York Times

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The Age Of Instagram Face

It’s an unrealistic sculpture. It’s small noses, big lips, high cheeks, and lifted brows. It’s white-ness with a “manufactured look of rootless exoticism.” We’re living in the IG simulacrum, and with FaceTuneSnapchat filters, and cosmetic surgery, Instagram Face is our cyborgian future. 

via New Yorker

The Sort-Of Socialist Church Is Taking A Radical Approach To Christianity

Jubilee Baptist Church: “Love as if a different world is possible.”

via Buzzfeed

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