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Mash-Up Round-Up: That Monk Got Real Mad

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Ooo, United pissed that Monk off.
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The week of January 10, 2015 was: manslamming; remembering Daniel-san and the crane kick heard around the world; and panda cubs playing in snow, in other words, the only good thing about winter.

RIP, Stuart Scott. Thank you for being your whole self, and inspiring us to do the same.

We are grateful that we can write whatever we want, whenever we want. We are grateful that people we disagree with can too.

Mash-Ups in the News:

Chart: If The World Were 100 People, 12 Would Be Chinese

And only 30 of them could access the internet. This chart puts a lot of things in perspective.

via Washington Post

What Ruth Bader Ginsberg Taught Me About Being a Stay-at-Home Dad

We’re talking RBG, adorable Korean babies, Shabbat, and changing the world. This article was written just for us, right?

via The Atlantic

United Airlines Made a Monk Very, Very Mad

“I will pray for you. But you have not been helpful.” Somehow this actually seems like the worst possible insult from a monk. Not even monks can escape United’s terrible customer service!

via NY Times

What Languages Will We Speak in 2115?

This study suggests that only 600 of the 6000 languages now in use will still exist. We hope one of them is Spanglish, because we are really good at that language.

via Wall Street Journal

The New Congress Is White, Male, Christian (Mostly)

80% White, 80% Male, 92% Christian…and this is the most diverse Congress EVER!

via Washington Post

Bangkok Rock

Long Read: A history of Thai punk rock and being a young expat.

via Roads and Kingdoms

Saving Selfie, The Multicultural Future of TV 

We believe that the future of entertainment is about representing the true Mash-Up essence of our lives. That includes being Black, white, Puerto Rican and Asian, and also just being people.

via Quartz

Brewery Apologizes for Gandhi-Themed Beer

India Pale Ale = Gandhi-Bot, a beer with a robot Gandhi on the can. Oy vey.

via Angry Asian Man

Bone Broth. AKA, Delicious Things Every Culture Eats

Trend alert! Bone broth is having a moment because of the Paleo diet…oh and also every single culture makes a version of it with tons of health and nourishing properties.

via NY Times

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