Podcast Ep 33: 2016 In A Word … Surreal

By Team Mash-Up

Word is born.

Photo credit: flickr / jwyg

Pouring One Out For 2016

It’s finally over, kids. This monstrosity of a year is coming to a close! And to celebrate, Amy + Rebecca sit down with Kory Stamper, lexicographer for Merriam-Webster, to discuss the dictionary’s 2016 Word Of The Year: Surreal. We also learn fabulous new swears, consider Beowulf, and say eff you to the academy. Happy New Year, Mash-Ups!

Kory Stamper, Lexicographer Extraordinaire

Her favorite swear word might surprise you.

Kory Stamper On English, The Greedy Language:

English as a language has always been stealing words from other languages. And that’s what languages that have lots of contact with other cultures do.

Pour One Out For 2016:

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