Podcast Ep 57: Parenting Questions Edition

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We got some biggies.
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Dear Mash-Up America: Parenting Edition

This week on The Mash-Up Americans: The questions that tear at us as we do our best to raise our kids. After our conversation last month on Raising Generation Mash-Up, you all sent us so many thoughtful, piercing questions on mash-up parenting. Today we’re going in. Joining Amy and Rebecca on the podcast to answer your questions is Matt Sayles, a celebrated photographer, an Angeleno, a man who sees beauty in all people, and a father to two sons, beautiful Mash-ups of their Black dad and Salvadoran-Guatemalan-American mom. You are not alone. 

What are your parenting questions? Write us and find us @mashupamerican on all the socials. No kidding, we do this all for you.

Matt + Co, Contenders For Most Beautiful Mashy Family:

Here’s More For Good Measure:

Matt On Tangible Traditions:

Parenting Links + Tips:

Listen: Raising Generation Mash-Up[/highlight]

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What family traditions are you continuing in 2018? Write us and find us @mashupamerican on all the socials. No kidding, we do this all for you.

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