Podcast Ep 38: Save The World With Rhea Suh

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How To Save The World With Rhea Suh

Rhea Suh, president of The Natural Resources Defense Council and first-generation-Korean-American Mash-Up, shares her favorite way to camp (with Korean BBQ); the importance of fighting every day for the American Dream; and why today is THE day to get engaged on the environment. Promise: You don’t need hiking boots to become an activist and save the world, y’all.

Rhea Suh, Korean-American, Environmentalist, And Patriot

Rhea Suh, Badass

Rhea On The Intersection Between Environmental And Social Justice:

I think that the intersections between social justice, equity, environmental justice and general environmental issues are becoming more and more clear. Unfortunately, there are more and more examples of where we are basically depriving people of basic human rights because of our inability to either maintain or enforce the laws that are on the books.

Rock La Revolución

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