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Mash-Up Round-Up: Meeting a Gay Christian Rockstar

Time to be who you are.
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The week of August 23, 2014 was being inspired by the stylist who gives haircuts to the homeless, the four-year-old who tells it like it is at The French Laundry, and Kid President getting pumped for school. Together, we’re louder. 

Mash-Ups in the News:

Icon In the Making: Mo’ne Davis Takes Cover of Sports Illustrated

She may be out of the Little League World Series now, but this 13-year-old girl with a 70 mph fastball is the first Little Leaguer ever to be on the cover of the magazine. That’s the kind of cover girl we like to see.

via Sports Illustrated

Looking For Us? We’ll Be In the East Village Eating Rice Burgers

What is a rice burger you ask? Oh just a dream come true. It’s basically anything delicious that you can imagine in between two patties of unseasoned white rice made crunchy on a hot griddle.

via Yahoo

NYC Radio Show Aims to Save a Dying Language

A major Mash-Up issue: how do we keep our culture as we blend with new ones? There’s a new internet radio show based out of an apartment in the Bronx and it’s all in Kichwa, a native language of Ecuador.

via NY Times

The Last of the Traditional Bollywood Poster Painters

This guy made those incredible painted Bollywood posters for more than 4000 films over 50 years. Now he might make you a bespoke one that you order online.

via Financial Times   H/T MediaREDEF 

The Secrets Behind Mexican Machismo and Falling in Love

Is meeting your wife online macho enough? Matt de la Peña tells a wonderful story about lying to his family about how he fell in love.

via NPR

Hurry Up With the Black Comic Book Superhero, Please

The Black Panther may be coming to theaters soon.

via Bloomberg BusinessWeek

Gay Christian Rock Star Is Certain God Loves Her, and We Are Too

Vicky Beeching recently came out of the closet after a building a career performing music in mega-churches. This is a lot.

via The Independent

Mash-Up Celebrity Couple Alert: Aziz Ansari Edition

We love Aziz and now he’s got a chef gf? Great news!

via Us Magazine

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