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Mash-Up Round-Up: No Love, No Tacos

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The week of October 24, 2020 was embracing the hanbok; the official Halloween candy power rankings; Dolly makes Stephen Colbert cry; and ushering in the age of boxed cake. Homemade sourdough is over. May Funfetti reign supreme. This is a Zoomd**k free zone, but may we also remind you of this?

A Kimchi Shortage Is Hitting South Korea

A long rainy season and three typhoons have wiped out swaths of cabbage in South Korea. As a result, prices have quadrupled — right when families are stockpiling their kimchi for the year.

via Food and Wine

Mexican Restaurant In Iowa Takes A Stand: ‘No Love, No Tacos’

They had a small sign. They got complaints from bigoted patrons. They got the biggest sign.

“We’re sorry your burrito had to get political, but it was the only way y’all would listen…If they don’t want us, they should align their ideals and their comments with the food they eat.”

via CNN

Angela Davis Still Believes America Can Change

Angela Davis has seen it all, done it all. And she’s not done yet. Now 76, the activist, scholar and writer is still fighting alongside the next generation for a future we must believe is possible.

via NY Times

AOC’s ‘Among Us’ Stream On Twitch Is The Future of Electioneering

Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez played the most popular video game of the moment in a livestream with massive viewership. You may not know what “Sus” means, but we can all appreciate AOC leading the future of electioneering.

via Washington Post

Steven Yeun interview: The ‘Burning’ Actor On Feeling At Home In South Korea

2018: Steven Yeun left Hollywood to escape the “American white gaze” and landed one of his greatest roles in Burning, a Korean film and psychological drama.

2020Steven Yeun could become the first Asian-American Best Actor nominee.

via Slate

For The Navajo Nation, ‘Everything Takes Time,’ Including Voting

18,000 square miles and only 27 postal locations. 67,000 eligible voters live in the Arizona portion of the Navajo Nation, a state Trump won in 2016 by just 91,000 votes. Again, this is voter suppression.

via NY Times

Parents Of 545 Children Separated At U.S.-Mexico Border Still Can’t Be Found

“Some of these children were just babies when they were separated. Some of these children may now have been separated for more than half their lives. Almost their whole life, they have not been with their parents.”

via NPR

She Kept Her Scissors Going In South Korea’s Postwar Years. The Coronavirus Hasn’t Stopped Her

Lee Duk-hoon is 85 and has been giving haircuts since she was nineteen. The virus hit, but she’s known war and poverty far worse. This is the story of Lee, her shop, her family and her haircuts.

via LA Times

Yes, Books Were Bound In Human Skin. An Intrepid Librarian Finds The Proof.

We know this is information you never wanted to know. We also know you’re going to read it anyways.

via NY Times

Bryan Washington Requires More Than One Curry Per Week “Especially If It’s A Busy Week.”

When things are *gestures at the world* we take inspiration in those who care for themselves. Especially with extra-hot Golden Curry, My Baguettes breakfast sandwiches, shrimp tacos, dim sum, Tapioca House, and a mission to fry the perfect korokke. A week in Houston told through Bryan Washington’s diet, and the jolt of joy and inspo we needed.

via Grub Street

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