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Mash-Up Round-Up: Aphrodisiacs and SPAM

SPAM is an aphrodisiac, right?
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The week of February 14, 2014: We have some global aphrodisiacs, Jewish women intermarrying, and SPAM. And, of course, a public school serving watermelon and Fried Chicken to celebrate Black History Month.

Mash-Ups In The News:

4 Exotic Aphrodisiacs to Help You End Valentine’s Day with a ‘Bang’

We are willing to believe that Yak Penis and Sea Cucumber could make us feel pretty sexy. Does that mean we will try them? Hard to say. Other alternatives, according to The History Kitchen, include asparagus and avocado.

via Shanghaiist

Biracial, and also Black

Nice piece by a professor about embracing her Mash-Up and how a new generation embraces its identity. It includes a slideshow of biracial famous people.

via CNN

Getty’s Lean In Collection Taught Us Modern Women are Very Into Tablets, Startups and Sunset Jogs

We are very excited about the partnership between Getty and Lean In to update stock images of women. The crazy thing about them is how normal they actually seem, as in, they actually reflect the lives we lead. And of course, this can easily be mocked. Our friends at Fusion created their own stock photo interpretations. Enjoy!

via Fusion

Jewish Woman is New Face of Intermarriage

So, the old nebbishy jewish man/ blonde shiksa paradigm is shifting. That is Jewish women are catching up to Jewish men in terms of intermarriage. Well, given the people we know (ahem, us) this is not surprising.

via Jewish Forward

This Story About Adopted Twin Sisters Finding Each Other Through Facebook will Explode Your Mind

They were given up for adoption in Korea and then found each other via Facebook. Nuff Said.

via Facebook

School Menu Includes Fried Chicken, Watermelon and Cornbread for Black History Month

We. Can’t. Even. This is like that girl who dated Ryan Seacrest dressing in black face for Halloween and claiming not to know it was offensive.

via Huffington Post

Video Break: Dallas Sportcaster Dale Hansen nails the hypocrisy of homophobia in the NFL.

Valentine’s Day: List of Multicultural Childrens Books about Love

Great books reflecting all kinds of love. Yay.

via I’m Not the Nanny

In South Korea, Spam is the Stuff Gifts are Made Of

Amy always has SPAM in her pantry, it’s a staple. Apparently, this is very common in Korea. We predict a SPAM renaissance via Roy Choi and David Chang.

via NY Times

Laying the Lox on Thick: A Dating Site focuses on Jewish Humor.

JDate has a new ad campaign. It’s silly and fun and even us inter-marryers find it delightful.

via NY Times


Article on Amazing and Outrageous Made Up Brazilian Names

Jewish Grandma warns Gay Grandson about Heading To Sochi

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