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Mash-Up Round-Up: Mystery Tuna + New Wave Music

Get in the bizarre love triangle.
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The week of January 30, 2021 was Gamestonk, celebrating our favorite finance journalist; and if any of you are enjoying Subway sandwiches, maybe just rethink the tuna. Oh, and this is the best vaccination story of the week. 

Mash-Ups In The News

Why Do Asian Americans Love New Wave Music So Much?

When Bizarre Love Triangle drops, it’s all over for you bishes. Was it the mixtapes? An alt sound for an alt identity? Something you could dance to? Because it was cool?? New Wave music was the soundtrack of the 80s+90s Azn Experience and we’re asking WHY. 

via Jezebel

Immigrant Families Reconnect To Cultural Practices During The Pandemic

Isolated in a pandemic, connecting to our culture means connecting with our family, ancestors, and communities. From comfort food to virtual Mandopop listening parties, what are you doing to reconnect?

via Yes Magazine 

Steven Yeun And Riz Ahmed On ‘Minari,’ ‘Sound Of Metal’ And Wanting To Paint On ‘The Full Spectrum’

Loves of our lives, Steven Yeun and Riz Ahmed, are playing characters in two new movies who must forge new lives. They’re here in conversation, chatting on their careers + personal lives as Asian actors. Also, they are the most handsome men we have possibly ever seen.

via Variety

‘A Japanese Schindler’: The Remarkable Diplomat Who Saved Thousands Of Jews During WWII

Chiune “Sempo” Sugihara was a Japanese diplomat who issued as many travel visas as he could during WWII, saving as many as 6,000 Jewish lives. We’ll be watching every film we can find on him.

via Washington Post

Austin Will Use Money Cut From Police Budget To Buy Supportive Housing

The City Council voted to purchase a hotel and turn it into 60 units of permanent housing for homeless individuals. These are the possibilities opened by rethinking our priorities and defunding the police.

via The Appeal

Waking Up From The American Dream

That is the pact between immigrants and their children in America: they give us a better life, and we spend the rest of that life figuring out how much of our flesh will pay off the debt.

via New Yorker

The Pandemic Is Resetting Casual Friendships

Your favorite barista, the coworker you gossip with, the group who always come to karaoke night — we miss our periphery friends.

Meanwhile, Wuhan becomes the first to reconnect with those loose connections as the first “Post-Pandemic City.” We have hope!

via The Atlantic

No, Biden Doesn’t Have A ‘Chinese Handler.’ He’s A US Secret Service Agent.

Conspiracy theorists started trying to claim that senior Secret Service agent David Cho was Biden’s “Chinese handler.” David Cho. Korean-American, David Cho. 

By the way, we’re requesting a mashy The Bodyguard remake with the South Korean president’s gorgeous entourage

via VICE

Del be Del

Del, the Persian word for stomach. What pangs, aches, burns, and fills. A beautiful essay on feeding and being fed, being apart but still connected, and remembering del be del rah darad: there is a path from del to del.

via Zaman

Bernie Sanders’ Mittens, Memes Help Raise $1.8M For Charity

Made by a Vermont elementary school teacher out of recycled wool, Bernie’s winter wear transcended memedom in a mitten frenzy, raising almost $2 million for Vermont charities. 

via AP News

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