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Mash-Up Round-Up: Chicken Wing Shortage + TikTok Strike

Paper plates of fried chicken
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The week of June 26, 2021 was cleaning our ears with a spoon; the world’s best headline; and a new ocean! And, as always. FREE BRITNEY.

Mash-Ups In The News

Getting Down And Moving On With Dr. Ruth

We can start getting close to one another again, but also, how do we get close to one another again? Listen to renowned sex therapist Dr. Ruth K. Westheimer on how to have your best Hot Vax Summer.

via The Atlantic

There’s A Chicken Wing Shortage. So This Chain Wants You To Start Loving Thighs

Wingstop (known for their chicken wings) has now launched a virtual brand called “Thighstop” for selling…chicken thighs. 

via CNN

Jamie Loftus, The Comedian Who Infiltrated Mensa

A Mensa’s I.Q. exam while hungover, a triumphant blog post, and now a podcast miniseries about “My Year in Mensa” and how the geeky group became a forum for the far right.

via New Yorker

A Disney Animator Draws On His Salvadoran Boyhood Of Beauty And Brutality

A terrifically gifted artist, José Zelaya creates new worlds and brings some of our favorite characters to life with his mashy ability to adapt any style while honoring each character’s cultural specificity.

via LA Times

Brooklyn’s Drag Queens And Kings On Returning To The Stage

Orchestrated by Latinx trans drag artist Chiquitita, check out a photo shoot (and final print poster) with over 80 Brooklyn-based drag performers reunited in a recovering city. 

Plus, their answers to the question: “What are you most looking forward to in nightlife post-pandemic?”

via The Cut

COVID Adds To California Yoga And Wellness QAnon Problem

The yoga to Qanon pipeline is not what we predicted, but it’s what we should have expected. Read for a strange and interesting peek down the rabbit hole of “Conspirituality.”

via LA Times

The New American Chinese Food: The Restaurants Redefining A Genre

A new generation of Chinese American chefs making American Chinese food with inventiveness, resourcefulness and deliciousness.

via NY Times

Black TikTok Creators Are ‘Striking’ To Protest Uncredited Viral Dance Trends

TikTok dance trends usually start and end the same: Black creators create, white creators copy (usually poorly) AND reap the benefits

Now we’ve got a new Megan Thee Stallion song, Black creators on a strike from making dances, and white TikTokers struggling

via Mashable

Sung Kang’s Road Home: How His ‘Han’ Became A Lightning Rod

15 years after Tokyo Drift and the crash scene that killed Sung Kang’s fan-favorite character, Han. From #JusticeForHan to the new F9 movie, the mash-up actor and legend reflects on his legacy. 

via GQ

The Jewish Men Of OnlyFans

Meet three Jewish men who have made OnlyFans their own, transforming the platform and the physical into freedom, connection, expression, and fun.

via Tablet

The Story Of Armenian Immigration To America, Through A Cucumber

Except, it’s not actually cucumber at all. It’s a melon. The seeds travel from home to neighbor, gardened and grown into the record-setting fruit (or vegetable).

via Dining in Diaspora

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