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Mash-Up Round-Up: The Sweaty Delights Of Physical: 100

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The week of February 25, 2023 was trying to remember our actual age; dealing with our mocos; planning our Home Depot cheesesteaks for the weekend; and thinking about RZA composing ballet. 

Tannaz’s Mom’s Cold Remedy

When we’re sick, we’ll try anything. But sometimes, you need the best combination of tradition, creativity, and comfort: You need mom. Tannaz Sassooni, our Iranian-Jewish-American Mash-Up, has generously offered to share all the steps to healing, Tannaz’s-mom-style.

Mash-Ups In The News:

5 Must-Watch Black Movies That Explore The Meaning Of Home

Kathleen Collins’s Losing Ground, Spike Lee’s Crooklyn — the creator and curator of the Black Film Archive shares a few of her favorites.

I’m Obsessed With “Physical: 100”

Strength. Grit. Collaboration. Ridiculously sculpted abs. This Korean reality show brings together 100 physique-gifted contestants to compete in a series of games, and for some reason we can’t stop watching…

(and obviously TEAM JANG EUN SIL)

How Christian Nationalism Has Come Courting North Idaho

“If we put God back in Idaho, then God will always protect Idaho‚ amen?”

Dansk And The Promise Of A Simple Scandinavian Life

As we seek to free ourselves from West Elm beige and matte pink Instagram skillets, here’s an exploration of the brightly-colored, Long Island-originated, and Scandinavian-inspired brand, Dansk. 

Why The South Has Such Low Credit Scores

Almost every corner of the South — every race, every income bracket — appears to have low credit scores. But why?

Seattle Becomes The First City In The US To Ban Caste Discrimination

The Seattle City Council has included caste as a protected class, alongside categories like race, religion and gender identity. This step will help advance awareness of caste discrimination, and provide a way to fight against it.

Let Lily Kwong — And A Mountain Of Orchids — Resensitize Your Cold, Dead Heart

Landscape artist Lily Kwong brings awe, transcendence, curiosity, natural maximalism, and a homeland voyage to the New York Botanical Garden’s orchid show. 

The Definitive Venmo Ethics Guide

Enough is enough: Venmo faux pas will no longer be tolerated. From the $5 threshold to the one-week deadline, check out some etiquette rules we can all agree on.

USC Majorette Team On Going Viral, Being The First, And The Backlash

“I’ve always been one for my Blackness and I was never going to shy away from that, even coming to USC … I want to be able to tell Black stories that never get told … I felt like this was my way to continue to bring light and bring joy back into our own community.”

America Built An Actually Good Airport

After nine-years and $8 billion dollars, LaGuardia is reborn into an airport that is actually enjoyable? Or, how LaGuardia’s Terminal B became an unexpected hero for American infrastructural renewal. 

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