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Mash-Up Round-Up: Naomi Osaka + Hybrid Work Life

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We love you Naomi.
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The week of June 5, 2021 the Keanu + Donnie + Rina pairing of our dreams; calling all of our depressed friends, we love you; contemplating maggots; and enjoying our drinks, damnit.

Mash-Ups In The News

Naomi Osaka’s French Open Power Move

Setting her own terms and prioritizing her mental health, Naomi Osaka is the top-earning female athlete in history and part of a growing gen of female athletes who won’t be controlled.

via NY Times

Asian Latinos: Between Heritage And Hate

Latino is a mash-up ethnicity and identity, and these deep connections and histories are more reasons why anti-Asian violence strikes close to many Latinos.

via Palabra

NFL Pledges To Halt ‘Race-Norming’

The NFL pledged to halt the use of “race-norming” — which assumed Black players started out with lower cognitive function and made it harder for them to qualify for brain injury claims and awards. Filed under: We can’t believe this was even a thing. 

via AP News

‘High On The Hog’ Celebrates Black Contributions To Global Food And Culture

Hear from Stephen Satterfield, a Black food writer and Netflix series host exploring the influence of West African + African American food as a defining force in the evolution of American (and global) cuisine. 

via Civil Eats

Calls To Search More Indigenous Residential School Sites After 215 Children’s Bodies Were Discovered

“This is the reality of the genocide that was, and is, inflicted upon us as Indigenous peoples by the colonial state. Today we honor the lives of those children, and hold prayers that they, and their families, may finally be at peace.”

via Buzzfeed News

Black Vinegar Doesn’t Just Season A Dish – It Transforms It

Hints of licorice + malt, acidity + complexity, black vinegar is an aromatic and transformative ingredient that can be added to soups, stir fry, salads, watermelon, and more.

via Bon Appetit

Americans Are Done With 5 Days A Week In The Office. Here’s What That Means For The Economy

The majority of Americans want a hybrid work model post-pandemic. Will it happen? What happens if it does?

via Bloomberg 

Gender-Neutral Pronouns Aren’t New

“I have simply solved a need that has been long impending. The English language is in need of a personal pronoun of the third person, singular number, that will indicate both sexes.” 1912. 

via The Atlantic

Riding Shotgun Into The Heart Of Mississippi

Come along this Mississippi road trip, through detours and pit stops, bookstores and BBQs, kudzu and cotton, and personal cultural rambles. 

via Garden and Gun

What If Renting A Home Became ‘As Easy As Ordering Food’?

“How can we explore the cities for a month and really get a feel for which one we want to be in?”

Short-term rentals with no strings attached, some (wealthy) renters are test-driving new homes and new cities.

via WSJ 

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