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Mash-Up Round-Up: Best Education in the World

BRB moving to Finland to get smart & have fun.
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The week of September 6, 2014 was never sitting again and being grateful that Joan Rivers broke so many barriers for us. 

Mash-Ups In The News:

What the Best Education Systems in the World are Doing Right

Co-founder Amy once again takes TED by storm looking at global education systems. Let’s just say some of us might rather go to school in Finland and ‘Murrica is super far behind.

via TED

Where are the Hardest Places to Live in the US

If you look at education, household income, unemployment, disability, life expectancy and obesity, the South is a hard ass place to live. In better news, living outside of Washington DC is fantastic!

via NY Times

What Happened to the Russian Hockey Stars who Lost to the US in 1980?

Well, it wasn’t good, but there’s a really compelling new documentary about it.

via Hollywood Reporter

The Political Views of US Religions in a Single Graph

What do a Buddhist, a Non-Orthodox Jew and a Quaker have in common? They’re like, “Do it to whomever you’d like! It’s not the government’s business!”

via io9

It’s Amazing How Much More You Earn When You Have a Penis

This interactive chart allows you to plug in your education level and see your lifetime earning potential. The takeaways: Study Science, Get a Masters and Be a Man!

via Fusion

Why I Just Can’t Become Chinese

A wonderful essay on the power of being a Mash-Up American. This Chinese-American writer tries to figure out how he might become a citizen of China, and realizes it’s just not possible. You can’t be American-Chinese, but you can be Chinese-American.

via Wall Street Journal

Afro-Chinese Marriages Boom in Guangzhou

Following up on that, all these Afro-Chinese marriages are happening in Guangzhou but they are afraid of being torn apart because the African men can’t become Chinese citizens.

 via Post Magazine 

On Instagram: Modest Fashion Goes Interfaith

A non-polarizing story from social media! Where might you see the intersection of devoutly religious Jews, Muslims and Christians? Why, on Instagram in accounts about being fashionable and modest, of course.

via Jewish Daily Forward 

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