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Mash-Up Round-Up: Chicken Noodle Soup

Jay hooooope!
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The week of October 5, 2019 was the Kelly Clarkson “Juice” cover we didn’t know we needed; taking the trash out; reviewing Thai restaurants in Greenland, and the return of Chicken Noodle Soup on repeat.

Mash-Ups In The News:

They Are The Champions

Sporting events are designed to be binary. Are you on the women’s wrestling team or the men’s? How is that determined? Your birth certificate? Testosterone level? How “female” you look? Mack and Andraya are two transgender athletes navigating fear, anger, and non-inclusive policies.

via ESPN

Weeknight Dinner Around The World

Omelet with carrots and minced pork. Homemade pesto and trofie pasta. Plantain flatbread with chicken suya. From Thailand to France to Nigeria to Texas, see how 18 homes around the world eat dinner together.

via NY Times

43% Of White Students Harvard Admits Are Legacies, Jocks, Or The Kids Of Donors And Faculty

…and only a quarter of those students would have been accepted to the school without those advantages. Meanwhile, a judge this week ruled that Harvard doesn’t discriminate against Asian Americans.

via Slate

The Saddest Leafy Green

Every year we get back on the kale train and Google knows it…because every year we have to look up how to prepare it again. But does recent data show that kale’s golden age is (finally) coming to an end?

via The Atlantic

At The Russian Baths With The Big Boys Of Brawn 

Plus-size male modeling is here and we are Not Complaining. The Brawn Boys are a team, they’re a crew, and they’re “here to show you what’s up.”

via The Cut

Antonio Banderas On Death And GIFs

You know him from The Mask of Zorro, Spy Kids, that Assasins gif, or anything between, after, and before. Hear his insights on life, death, his career, and the importance of his role as Puss in Boots.

via GQ

Stop Getting Married On Plantations

Weddings are beautiful. Aesthetically, the antebellum plantations are also beautiful. But that beauty was built on human degradation. In short, Please Stop.

via The Nation

In ‘Abominable,’ Asian Actors Play Asian Characters. What A Novelty.

A certain Mash-Up HQ family saw “Abominable” and waited anxiously for the credits to reveal which white Disney channel stars voiced the Asian characters. Said family was pleasantly surprised.

via NY Times

Stories Of Transracial Adoptees Must Be Heard – Even Uncomfortable Ones

Many stories of transracial adoption are happy, healthy, and wonderful. But stories of transracial adoption are rarely simple, easy, or universal, and many are not the “racism solving” fairy tale they’re pressured to be.

via The Guardian

New Poll Shows Most Americans Back Federal Funding Of Abortion

67% of Millennials, 70% of Latinx voters, 73% of African-American voters, 66% of independent women. Abortion is healthcare, y’all.

via Colorlines

I Am With You – Chanel Miller

While writing her book, “Know My Name,” Chanel Miller was constantly drawing. With a film crew of almost all women, her drawings and story have been brought to life.

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