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Mash-Up Round-Up: You Clicked What?! Year in Review

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Good taste, guys.
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Happy New Year Mash-Ups! 
 The week of January 2 we have a list of your favorite Mash-Up Round-Up stories from the past year.
These are the ones you clicked on, shared, and tweeted the most about. Check it out!

Oh and also: #AmericaAlreadyIsGreat; a Syrian shepherd moves to Louisville; and an Irish cat nurses baby ducklings. And finally, Aretha

Mash-Ups in the News:


Anthony Bourdain’s 6 Things You Should Never Do at a Sushi Restaurant

Everything You Need to Know About Pho (But Were Afraid to Ask!)

10 Cultural Food Blunders to Avoid While Traveling


White Americans Long for the 1950s

What America’s Immigrants Looked Like at Ellis Island

America Erased the Tragic History of the Zombie


Inside the Asian Men Black Women Dating Scene

The Caucasian’s Guide to Black Barbecues

The Confusing Racial Story of Rachel Dolezal

Aging Catholic Nuns Get Care in Jewish Home for the Elderly, Miss the Bacon



2015: The Year Obama Stopped Giving Any F–ks

Watch: Our Surgeon General Can DANCE BHANGRA

Michelle Obama is Honest About Race, Fox Freaks Out, Comedy Central Wins



The First Black Trans Model Had Her Face On a Box of Clairol

Cairo, Seoul, Tel Aviv, London, Johannesburg: What Defines Beauty



Watch: What Is Comedy? A Large Multiracial Family

“I’m So Proud To Have You As A Daughter”

Hasan Minhaj on White People at Desi Weddings


Google Translate Will Change Travel Forever

Rashida Jones: I’m Not Tan, You Asshole

Haruki Murakami Has An Advice Column And It’s Brilliant

Steven Yeun and Conan O’Brien Head to the Jimjilbang

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