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Mash-Up Round-Up: ASMR for White Liberals + El Vah-po-ru

It really will heal everything.
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The week of March 30, 2019 was reliving roommate horror storieshigh school theater ftw; and our favorite bedtime story: ASMR for white liberals.

Mash-Up In The News:

‘Vivaporu’: For Many Latinos, Memories Of Vicks VapoRub Are As Strong As The Scent Of Eucalyptus

VapoRub (Bibaporru, Veevapuruuú, Beep Vaporú, El Bic, El Bix, El Vickisitois) is the go-to cure-all of abuelitas around the world. From pneumonia to stomach aches to athlete’s foot, the scent of el Vah-po-ru brings generations the memory of being sick, but also being cared for and soothed.

via Los Angeles

Science Says Hip-Hop Makes Cheese Taste Better

Science has never been more valid. Compared with the cheese transforming effects of music by Zeppelin and Mozart, A Tribe Called Quest has been proven by juries to produce the best tasting cheese. Wine tastings might finally be fun, y’all.

via Fast Company

She’s 103 And Speaks A Dying Language

Aida de Jesus is one of only 50 people who still speak Patuá. As we witness distinct cultures enter their final chapters, how do we ensure their stories continue to be told and heard?

via GoldThread2

NASA Has Scrapped Its First All-Female Spacewalk Because There Aren’t Enough Spacesuits That Fit

FYI: “all-female spacewalk” means TWO female astronauts. They didn’t have TWO spacesuits for female astronauts ready for this historic event. We feel insane.

via CNN

German Billionaire Family That Owns Einstein Bros. Bagels Admits Nazi Past

That’s the owners of Krispy Kreme, PANERA, Pret a Manger — with a history of profiting off the Nazi Regime. What we do today to address the horrors of yesterday?

via Washington Post

A Celebration Of The Most Iconic Fashion Moments In Black Film

The glamour of Dreamgirls and Mahogany. The embodied coolness of Cuba Gooding Junior in Boyz n the Hood. What are your fave fashion lüks in Black film?

via Nylon

Comfort Foods: What Kind Of Food Do You Serve At A Funeral? 

Is there anything better to leave behind for your loved ones than a book of recipes? Food keeps memories alive, reminds us we’re still living, and connects us to those who have passed. Eat at funeral to celebrate a life that has ended, but also to celebrate our own lives as we continue to survive.

via Topic

How The Okra Project Is Bringing Food Security To Black Trans People

Community means coming together and making sure we’re all surviving — and providing Caribbean feasts of Belizean garnaches to those who really need it.

via Inside Edition

A Secret Database Of Child Abuse

Over 10,000 Jehovah’s Witness congregations were told to send letters reporting known sexual predators to “Watchtower” — and never speak of the incident again. These reports remain locked away as possibly the world’s largest database of undocumented child molesters.

via The Atlantic

95-Year-Old Man Catches Four Buses To Join March Against Racism

Sato is a Scottish and Japanese Mash-Up who has been around since 1924. After the terrorist attack in New Zealand, he didn’t hesitate to demonstrate the humanity we all need to believe in. Why did he take the bus? He said it’s much more comfortable than walking.

via The Hill

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