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Mash-Up Round-Up: Gas Station Dining + Free L.A. Fruit

Loquat fruit on the tree
All hail the loquat.
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The week of May 29, 2021 was stocking up; living slowly and quietly online; and bingeing Bowen Yang, all the time. 

Mash-Ups In The News

Why America’s Gas Stations Are Great Dining Destinations

The Great American Road Trip is back, and so is the Great American Gas Station Pit Stop. We’re celebrating our future travels by reading every mashy roadside food story, from the Wawa hoagie to pork adobo.

via Eater

Inside The Diversity-Equity-And-Inclusion Industrial Complex

“Many corporate clients, of course, don’t really want to change; they just want to look as if they are changing.”

Since June 2020, business is booming for workplace-diversity consultancies. But they worry their work is diluted by companies who just want an easy (and visible) way out.

Also see: eavesdropping on anti-racist dinner parties. 

via The Cut

A Pipeline Is Threatening Their Homeland. Indigenous Women Are Fighting Back

For years, Tara Houska has stood and fought with the pipeline resistance. Now, it’s personal. Read why the time has come for women to lead the fossil fuel resistance.

via Grist

Some Korean Pastors Say They Need To Be More Vocal About Racial Justice

“We cannot remain silent anymore…I believe that God will only help us heal and reconcile once we admit that our society is deeply wounded, plunged in racism and chauvinism.”

Speak out, be heard, dismantle the myth of the model minority, and quit the piano. You really can. 

via Washington Post

Selfies, Surgeries And Self-Loathing: Inside The Facetune Epidemic

Insecurities can be brushed away with the stroke of a finger, but can loving your selfie make it harder to love yourself? Learn the impact of Facetune, an app made by five men that has five separate functions to reshape your nose. 

via Huffpost

‘A Different World’: Cast Members And Crew Tell The Oral History

This Hillman College reunion brings back the show that changed the world. Remembered 30 years later, the comedic sitcom spin-off had no topics off-limit, and characters that still live with us today.

via Vanity Fair

The Youth Of Cuba’s Tiny Jewish Minority: The Picture Show

1,200 Jewish people, five synagogues, and not a single rabbi in all of Cuba. For the few members of Cuba’s Jewish youth, the pressure is on to preserve an already minuscule community. 

via NPR

Los Angeles Is Covered In Delicious Fruit And No One Is Eating It 

The loquat is the delicious fruit you’ll never see in the grocery store. But you can get the Central American fruit for free anywhere in East Side LA. All it takes is a walk around the block and an appetite.

AND MORE DELICIOUS LA: The Taquero Who Built A Morelos Style Barbacoa Oven In His Compton Backyard

via Atlas Obscura

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