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Mash-Up Round-Up: Noisy Neighbors + Naming Ourselves

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Vengeance be a jackhammer.
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The week of April 3, 2021 was delighting in Lil Nas X, always; hoping we never encounter car bees; a sad anniversary; and our new favorite video on the internet, on repeat. Let’s get ready. 

Mash-Ups In The News

Vengeance Is Served With A Jackhammer Or Death Metal: South Koreans Strike Back At Noisy Neighbors

When it comes to neighborly noise disturbance, sometimes things get…vindictive. Eye for an eye, unbearable noise for unbearable noise, if you’ve had noisy neighbors you know how it goes from annoyance to war. 

via Los Angeles

The Jewish Roots Of Old Bay Seasoning

Here’s how Gustav Brunn, who miraculously escaped Nazi-occuiped Germany, came to Baltimore and revolutionized the way Americans eat crab. Meanwhile, peek inside the world’s largest Jewish cookbook collection

via My Jewish Learning

What’s Really Happening At The Border?

What causes more children cross the border? It’s time to look beyond the (self-centered) idea that it’s all caused by American policy changes. 

via The Atlantic

America Ruined My Name For Me

“The other kids would decorate their names with stars and hearts…To me, my name has been a taunt. I’m always trying not to look at it.”

Our names are deeply personal but also inherently public. See also: Our top 6 Mash-Up posts about names.

via New Yorker

Biden’s ‘Transformative’ Plan Redefines Infrastructure To Include Caregiving 

$400 billion will go toward expanding quality home or community care. With a caregiving crisis in America even before Covid-19, Ai-jen Poo explains why this is crucial infrastructure that’s long overdue — and how it will help women, immigrants, and Mash-Ups across America. If you want more Ai-jen, check out a lil pod named Sunstorm!

via The Nation

The GOP (Rightly) Fears America’s Churchless Majority

For the first time, the majority of U.S. adults do not belong to a church, synagogue, or mosque. As each new gen is less religious than the last, the GOP strategy becomes a war on voting rights (or, ya know, democracy).

via New York Magazine

The History Behind International Transgender Day Of Visibility

“I wanted a day that we can celebrate the living, and I wanted a day that all over the world we could be all together.”

In 2009, Rachel Crandall-Crocker made a day not of remembrance, but of happiness and celebration. 

via Ms Magazine

How TikTok Is Teaching A Generation Of People About Food

Baked feta pasta, spiralized potatoes, Kung’s Orange Faygo chicken — TikTok is literally changing the way we eat in a cultural exchange of 60 seconds or less. Our fave? The Korean Vegan, who shared her story with us! 

via CNN

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