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Mash-Up Round-Up: Thirstmas + Boston Is Racist

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The week of December 16, 2017 was doing everything dressed as Batman; binging on Thirst Aid Kit and of course, our 12 Days Of Thirstmas; and loving every second of Kelly Marie Tran’s journey into Star Wars superstardom. We’re also settling into Hanukkah with these movies of Jewish life in Latin America. ¡Feliz Jánuca!

Are you still shopping? Duh we have so much more to do. Check out our 2017 Giving Guide for ideas on how to make the world a better place.

A Beginner’s Guide To Jollof Rice

Jollof rice is West African culinary mash-up that represents interconnectedness. This pot of seasoned rice crosses borders and inspires feelings of comfort, home and togetherness. And also rivalry! (Pro tip: Do not argue with Nigerians and Senegalese Mash-Ups about jollof.) Learn how to bring this melding of ingredients into your own home, and appreciate the journey this dish has gone through.

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Finding My Identity By The Light Of My Mother’s Menorah

Cry of the week: Santi Elijah Holley is Black and was raised by his white Jewish mother. He looks like his Black father, and has his last name, but he always knew his mom deserved all of the credit for who he’d become. When she passed, he dug out their old, gold-colored menorah, and showed us how traditions connect us with those we love, and those who came before us.

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How Racist Is Boston? Very. 

Boston is one of the most liberal cities, but that deluding image helps keep its staggering structural inequalities unchecked. What makes Boston so “unwelcoming,” and what can the rest of the country learn from Boston’s racism? FYI. The median net worth for white households in the Boston area is $241,500. The median net worth of Black Bostonians is $8. And no, that isn’t a typo. That’s what racism looks like.

via Boston Globe

11-Year-Old Philanthropist Helps Girls Love The Skin They’re In

Zoe Terry is proof that our next generation is already our best. She’s started Zoe’s Dolls, a charity that brings dolls of color to the Black and brown girls who need them the most. Her work is spreading love, company, and positivity to girls of color, and she’s empowering other girls to join her mission.

via Bloomberg

One Nation, Under The Weight Of Crushing Debt

Debt is crippling. From student debts that haunt you until retirement, to medical bills that haunt you in the afterlife, how is the $13 trillion owed by Americans distributed across the country?

via Atlantic

A Play By An Asian-American Woman Will Appear On Broadway For The First Time In History

Yup, you read that right. This is the FIRST play written by an Asian-American woman to make it on Broadway. Young Jean Lee is making history with her play, Straight White Men. BRB, buying tickets.

via Splinter News

Why Are So Many African Judges Still Wearing Wigs?

African courts have written new constitutions and welcomed a new generation of judges, but those curly, white, horsehair wigs (see: King George III) have somehow still survived. The wigs yell “authority” to some, but scream “repression” and “brutality” to others, but whatever people think of them, they are an undeniable symbol of the colonial system that came before.

via Washington Post

The Bar Mitzvah Party Starters

They give us glow sticks, get our parents doing the Macarena, and make each bar and bat mitzvah the raddest nights of 7th grade. Explore the world of these professional Party Motivators, and the pure fun, entertainment, and positivity they bring to every event.

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How Does America Eat? Uber Eats Reveals All

Uber Eats is exposing all our late night guilty pleasures and surprising eating habits, giving us a taste of the changing trends in food, eating, and dining. The results? Brunch is cancelled, Netflix is our dinner buddy, and almost half of us are picky eaters.

via Business Insider

Watch This 16-Year-Old Get Into Harvard

The purest video you’ll watch all week. Ayrton Little was surrounded by friends and classmates when he got the life-changing news, and their reactions are the kind of love and support we need in the world. Check out TM Landry’s Facebook page to watch more kids see their hard work pay off.

via NPR

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