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Mash-Up Round-Up: Honest Travel Slogans + Bad Ombrés

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New Mexico: So Much More Than You Saw On FX.
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The week of October 22, 2016 was pondering what would happen if no white people voted; the WTF heard ‘round the world; and remembering that Adele + bachata = amaze.

Mash-Ups in the News:

Brutally Honest Tourism Slogans For All 50 States

Wherein state slogans, designed to boost tourism, are translated into something a bit more accurate. Por ejemplo: Illinois: “Are You Up For Amazing?” Mm, maybe more like … “Chicagoland.” Kansas: “There’s No Place Like Kansas.” More like … “Last In Hills, First In Your Bracket.” We’re SCREAMING.

via Thrillist

A Beginner’s Guide To Korean Noodles

Here at Mash-Up HQ, we’re partial to bibim naengmyeon in the summers, jjampong in the winters, and yes, japchae all year long. Y tu?

via Lucky Peach

Hombre? Ombré? What Did He Say? 

After the third and final debate on Wednesday night, during which Donald Trump claimed he would get rid of all the “bad hombres,” online searches for “hombre” and “ombré” surged dramatically. Our favorite website, Merriam Webster, was ready with answers.

via Merrian Webster

Why The Future Leader Of White Nationalism Fled The Movement

Derek Black is the godson of David Duke; the son to Don Black, the founder of Stormfront, a white extremist website; and the former poster child for the white supremacy movement. He disavowed white nationalism after, no joke, making friends at a series of Shabbat dinners hosted by a fellow college student willing to extend an olive branch. This is an incredible story about our capacity for compassion, how we can learn to see those different from ourselves as human, and what happens when we do.

via The Washington Post

Why Diversity In Fashion Matters

The fashion industry has made big strides in diversity, with more racially diverse runways than ever before. Which is amazing, but ummm, what about representing the the majority of American women who aren’t 5’11” and a size 00? Designer Prabal Gurung (born in Singapore and raised in Nepal), talks about his fight for diversity in the industry and the importance of celebrating every type of woman.

via Lenny

The Racist, Sexist History Of Birth Control And Its Side Effects

We all laugh at those long disclaimers at the end of birth control ads (nausea, bloating, mood changes, oh my!), but with those disclaimers comes a history of Puerto Rican women who were never told what they were putting into their bodies. Moral of the story: “Trust women to make good decisions when they have good information.”

via Vice

The Serbian Bagel Shop That Fights Human Trafficking

The next time you’re in the capital of Serbia, check out Bagel Bejgl, one of Belgrade’s only bagel stores. This place not only serves unbelievably yummy bagels but they also have a mission: This bagel shop uses its funds to support the fight against human trafficking. Brb, need to grab a flight.

via Extra Crispy

Exploring The Private Masturbation Booths Of Brooklyn

Well, no WE didn’t go explore them. But a reporter did, and here are a few things he discovered: Many of the adult video businesses in Brooklyn, clustered together in industrial areas due to zoning laws, are owned and staffed by Sri Lankan immigrants; customers are few and far between; yet when financial and family situations make privacy impossible at home, masturbation booths provide a reprieve — of sorts.

via Gothamist

Foreign Spouse, Happy Life

“Anyone who risks a life with someone outside of his in-group — not only across lines of nationality, but also those of religion, race and class — becomes a participant, whether he knows it or not, in a global experiment in developing empathy.” PREACH.

via The New York Times

“Weltschmerz” Is The Word You’re Looking For
Weltschmerz is the German word for the melancholic world weariness you may feel, say, after watching a Donald Trump rally or thinking about the health care crisis in Venezuela. We get it. Now, what’s the English phrase for that empowering, inclusive place where life is flawed, but positive change is possible? Oh right. Mash-Up America.

via Quartz

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