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Mash-Up Round-Up: Gay Graham Crackers & Chingonas

Who knew s'mores would be so Mash-Up?
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The week of March 28 was: discovering Broad City, realizing how much we love going to professional sports games, and giggling about the nicknames of Jewish Gangsters.

Mash-Ups In The News:

Art Book on Jewish Gangsters of Murder Inc. to Cost $4200

We’re much less interested in the cost of this book than the incomparable names of Jewish gangsters (Philip ‘Little Farfel‘ Cohen) as well as their high morals (Samuel ‘Red’ Levine never killed on Shabbos, if possible.) Should we all chip in to buy a copy?

via NY Times

Where Everyone In the World is Migrating – in one Gorgeous Chart

The Brazil—>Spain migration surprised us. The magnitude of the India—>UAE migration is kind of crazy.

via Quartz

Rumor of the Week: North Korean Students Required to Get Kim Jong-Un Haircut

This story, which seems to be untrue, was ripped straight from Woody Allen’s Bananas. True or not, it really caused us to think about our face shape and how we might look with a pompadour.

via BBC 

Pizza served with Mexican Slang causes stir in US Border States

Chingona is a pretty common slang word for a bad-ass lady (ask your latins for more nuance). Old people are offended by the name of this jalapeño-infused pepperoni & jalapeño covered pizza, but facts are facts, only a chingona could eat it.

via Reuters

Honey Maid’s Take on Wholesome Snacks Includes Gay Couple

Not just gay families, but all sorts of Mash-Up families representing what it means to be American. We cried (duh). And then we dreamt of s’mores.

via AdAge

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