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Mash-Up Round-Up: Bringing Back “Y’all”

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We need "ustedes" in English.
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The week of March 19, 2016 was Bone Thugs 4eva; Snoop will vote for Hillz; sperm works best in teams; and oh, NBD, just Lin-Manuel Miranda and President Obama freestyling in the Rose Garden. #Bam4Ham, yo.

Mash-Ups In The News:

Are Indian Americans Also Asian American?

Um, yes. But it’s actually quite interesting to learn who isn’t included in the Asian American category of the census, despite having origins in the continent of Asia.

via DataBits

The Case for Y’all

We need a second person plural, y’all! Where’s the English version of ustedes? “You” isn’t specific enough and apparently we got over “ye” in the 1700s. Cheers to the Y’all Revolution!

via The Atlantic

Connecting to a Lost Homeland Through Food

Where are you from? Our common Mash-Up refrain depends on the day, time, context, and asker. A Syrian-American reporter is exploring her culture through the food which defines her. She’s following refugees — expert bakers, hummus makers, and more — as they bring Syrian cuisine and culture with them to their new homes.

via PRI

How Michelle Obama Won Social Media

The first digital First Lady has had limited financial resources, but with tons of willingness to experiment and a team of Millennials she has been able to connect directly with the people and make big change. We know she doesn’t ever want to be president, so maybe she should take over for Sheryl Sandberg at Facebook.

via The Verge

SXSW Asked U.S. Olympian to Remove Her Hijab

When she was checking into the clusterfuck that is SXSW, Ibtihaj Muhammad was told she would have to remove her hijab in order to take a photo for her badge. Her face was completely visible with her hijab on. And then they put another random Muslim person’s name on her badge. Oy.

via Huffington Post

Lin-Manuel Miranda Offers Congress “Hamilton” Tix In Exchange for Relief for Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico is in a serious financial crisis and Lin-Manuel Miranda took to D.C. to ask for relief for island, which is homeland for more than 5 million Americans. And he offered Hamilton tickets to Congress as incentive.

via Billboard

What Happens When You Resettle a Native American Community — Again?

A fascinating deep dive into climate change’s impact on a Native American island community in Louisiana. One major point of concern: What is the best way to keep strong community ties alive?

via The Guardian

10 Money Superstitions from Around the World

Brown spiders will make you rich! Or you can put money in the pocket of your new clothes OR sleep with gold in your hand. Choices!

via Credit Sesame

How Two Queer Black Men Changed the Debate Around Debate

Were any of you high school or college debaters? This week, Radiolab tells the story of how two young men challenged the way a system discounted them, by bringing their whole, authentic selves to the table. *Applause*

via Radiolab

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