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Mash-Up Round-Up: More Women, More Profits

Beyonce Formation Video Still
We are all Bill Gates in the making.
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The week of February 13, 2016 was taking comfort in knowing that nobody has any idea what they are doing; who knew the PTA is all druggin and dramz?; and accepting, with all our hearts, that Yeezy’s Twitter is our spirit animal. Need to rent a minority? We got you.

We love you, fam! For Valentine’s Day we got you the badass 15-year-old Mash-Up snowboarder Chloe Kim breaking world records.

Mash-Ups in the News:

Beyonce Breaks the Internet. Again

Ok Ladies, Beyonce slayed with her new song and video and performance at the Super Bowl. She is astonishing and beautiful and challenging and political and…we loved it. People were so empowered that they even came out of closet after watching it. We loved seeing such a full conversation about art, power, influence, and racecome from just one lil surprise video by the Queen.

via Rolling Stone

Take a Ride on the Love Bus: Weird Valentine’s Traditions from Around the World

In Estonia they have a love bus for single people to, you know, get less single. We can get behind this tradition! Also, do not try to celebrate Valentine’s Day in Saudi Arabia because you will get arrested.

via Refinery 29

The Incredibly Sad World of Niche Dating Apps

Do you really need to only date other Disney lovers? Hard to say.

via Engadget

Bob Marley’s Kids Want to Be the Starbucks of Legal Weed

Weed smoking seems to be a Marley core competency, so it really is on brand to launch a business selling all sorts of high-end weed products in beautiful packaging.

via The Frame

Turban 101: Unraveling Turban Truths

Numero Uno: Turbans are not a symbol of terror, but of faith.

via NBC News

Bernie Sanders Becomes First Jew to Win a Primary

What’s kind of cool about it is that his Jewishness is not causing a big commotion. One day we will get to a point where seeing all sorts of Mash-Ups in the White House becomes old hat!

via USA Today

Gallery: Items Seized from Immigrants and Trashed by Border Control

A photographer gathered items seized by Border Control and staged them beautifully. Somehow these images of shirts, bags, and shoes evoke the humanity of each individual experience while also showing the unrelenting struggle that can be  trying to get into this country.

via Feature Shoot

The Bitter Fight Over the Benefits of Bilingualism

Many say being bilingual gives us better mental control. Others says it’s BS. We say it’s about much more than just control, but about profoundly understanding how different people communicate and applying that in everything you do.

via The Atlantic 

Duh: Companies With More Women Leaders Are More Profitable

Ahem, so when you have at least 30% women in leadership positions in a business, there is a 6% increase in net profit margin. Imagine if you had 50% women!

via Quartz

Why Do My Co-Workers Keeping Confusing Me With Other People? Because I’m Asian

Have we had to email a writer and tell them that they have to correct an article they wrote because they mixed us up with one of our former colleagues, also an Asian female journalist? Yes we have. Was this something that happened all the time in the office? Yes. Yes it was.

via Washington Post

Why “Diverse” TV Matters

It matters because seeing ourselves reflected helps us understand the possibilities for our lives. It matters because we don’t have to just be the model version of ourselves, we get to be the human version of us.

via NY Times

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