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This Week In Mash-Up America

The week of March 30, 2024 was holy crap. We’re not even sure? There is every major spring / renewal / religious holiday either happening or on the horizon. There are little things like allergies. There are big things like war. All of this effects our lives.

And — there are equinoxes? Or there will be? Something is happening in the sky! And for real, we’re just glad to be alive and making our way through with you, because the CHAOS, y’all. The CHAOS.

Anyways. We’re rereading our favorite Frank O’Hara to celebrate our favorite Aries and remember that our hearts, our hearts are always open. What are you doing to stay open this spring? Write us!

The Mash-Up Americans:

As we come to the end of Women’s History Month (as recognized by the government, at least — it goes without saying that at MUA HQ, every month is women’s month!), it seems like the perfect time to share a roundup of our top 10 interviews with inspiring women.

We’ve got icons from every corner: Padma Lakshmi! Chani Nichols! Min Jin Lee! and more, all of whom have deeply imprinted on us with their light and wisdom. Pop in your ear buds, sit back, and soak in their voices.

Padma Lakshmi Stops Being Polite

Wendy De La Rosa on How We Really Spend Money

Soledad O’Brien Sees All Sides

Chani Nicholas Has the New Moon Ritual You Need

Grief, Collected: Exploring Ancestral Grief with Linda Thai

Bethany Yellowtail Won’t Quit

Grief, Collected: The Future with adrienne maree brown

Lena Waithe on Being an Artist in the Time of Trump

It’s Spelled Aminatou

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