Grief, Collected: Exploring Ancestral Grief

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Grief is typically framed as “I had something and now it’s gone”. Yet, for those of us who were raised in homes where there’s been a dislocation or disruption of any kind, grief is also ambiguous. It’s what I didn’t get that I should have gotten and the not getting of that has left a pervasive emptiness on my own inner landscape. —Linda Thai

America! The land of opportunity! And also, for so many Mash-Ups, the ambiguous loss of immigration and uprooting a life and a history comes with a complex web of emotions. Today we’re talking to the trauma therapist and educator Linda Thai about ancestral grief, and how unmetabolized grief, particularly in Mash-Up families, is passed down through generations. We dive into how important understanding historical context is for grief and healing. There are many Mash-Up  revelations in this episode!!!! We’re asking: what happens to a family structure if we don’t grieve?

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Grief, Collected – Episode 3 Transcript

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