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Mash-Up Round-Up: All Hail the Mexican Cooks

Photo credit: Lars Plougmann/fickr
We know who really feeds us.
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The week of March 7, 2015 was: stock photos of Vince Vaughn; getting our duang on; and laughing endlessly at this oldie but goodie: Finnish people with things on their heads.  And, naturally, a ranking of all 37 contributors to “We Are The World.” 

Mash-Ups In The News:

Praising Orange County’s Mexican Cooks

“The hombres y mujeres who work in the kitchen deserve more than the respect and acknowledgement we don’t give them. They should be considered examples of what it means to be a true American: hard-working, relentless, fearless, innovative, passionate.” Truth.

via OC Weekly

Aziz Ansari Gives Props to his Badass Immigrant Parents

“For someone in your family to just be like, you know…fuck [it] I’m tired of living in this village. Let’s go move to America. I’ve seen photos online it looks dope.” Aziz’s new special came out March 6 on Netflix. Yay!

via Angry Asian Man

Prince’s Middle School Basketball Photos Are Everything You Ever Wished For

5’2” and hanging with the jocks. Apparently he had a mean dunk.

via Huffington Post

Japanese Rapper Kohh Shows a Side of Japan That is Often Ignored 

The Japanese pop culture that we usually see is squeaky clean, but there’s a serious dark side that’s being explored through hip hop. Check it.

via PRI

Louisiana Has Its Own Language!

They call it “Franglais.”

via KOSU

Conan Goes to Cuba and Learns Spanish

“Soy Ryan Gosling.” Conan went to Cuba! Dios mio, it’s too good.

via Team Coco

Americans Attempt to Pronounce Latino Names

Take it slow. Also, the accents are helpful guides (Duh.)

via Buzzfeed

Schoolkids in New York City to Get Muslim Holidays Off

For the first time public schoolchildren in New York will get Eid al-Fitr and Eid al-Adha off.

via NY Times

When Caribbean Immigrants Become Black

Many first-generation Caribbean Americans take pains to distinguish themselves from the African American community, but within a generation that can change.

via NBC News

Study: Lighter-Skinned Blacks and Hispanics Appear Smarter to White People

It’s called colorism.

via VOX

Adoration of the Magi v. Wiz Khalifa

PSA: This is a tumblr you should follow. Holbein or Rick Ross? Hip Hop and the Renaissance.

via Tumblr

Watch: Holocaust Survivor Band! (More Cheerful Than It Sounds)

Because 89 years old is not too old to start a band.

via NY Times

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