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Mash-Up Round-Up: Nonverbal Talk Show Wins the Internet

And Channing Tatum, apparently.
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The week of May 7, 2016 was: happily sucking our KFC-flavored nails; shopping for our new niece (call her Miss Jackson if you’re nasty); and granting the award for the World’s Worst Mash-Up Marriage to Woody and Soon Yi. Gross, dude.

Remember when we told you to STAND UP IMMEDIATELY? Well, now we need you to look away from your screen and blink. BLINK!

Mash-Ups In the News:

Global Rice Crisis! Stock Up Now!

El Niño and its extreme weather has led to a terrible rice crop this year, and potentially a global rice shortage and price spike internationally. Guys. If it doesn’t rain in India this summer we.are.screwed.

via The Independent

50% of Black Americans Die Without a Will

Prince has no known will for his $300 million estate. Snoop says he’s not planning on a will for his millions. They are among the half of Black Americans who die without a will. A Black estate lawyer is on a mission to change that and has great tips for getting your financial house in order.

via Mater Mea

Learning English Without Speaking English

At one New York City high school for international students, extracurriculars like Bike Club allow kids to learn and work together without having to think about language barriers. America is great.

via WNYC

How Chinese Roller Derby Is Empowering Women

The Beijing Roller Derby and UN Women partnered to promote women’s empowerment and challenge gender norms across China. Hello. Yes.

via The Conversation

Channing Tatum and the World’s First Nonverbal Talk Show

We believe in repping all kinds of diversity at Mash-Up HQ, including neurodiversity. This talk show, hosted by the unbelievably charming Carly Fleischmann, a nonverbal autistic woman, had us snorting with laughter. Also, Channing Tatum is adorbs.

via Upworthy

Sex Talk for Muslim Women

“My email inbox is jammed with messages from women who, like me, are of Middle Eastern and Muslim descent. They write to vent about how to “get rid of this burden of virginity,” or to ask about hymen reconstruction surgery if they’re planning to marry someone who doesn’t know their sexual history, or just to share their thoughts about sex.”

via NY Times

Margaret Cho, George Takei Protest Whitewashing

Our girl Margaret and other prominent Asian American entertainers got real loud this week. Which is good, because the Weinstein Co. just revealed all non-Asian lead actors will voice “The Guardian Brothers,” an animated story about a Chinese-American family who owns a wonton shop. Think they’ll have accents?

via Washington Post

The Average Californian Is a Latina who Lives in L.A.’s Koreatown

She also works in retail, is Catholic, has two kids, and is a Democrat, according to an analysis of census data. We know this lady and we dig her.

via LA Weekly

Meet: Kim Chi, Queen of “Ru Paul’s Drag Race”

Kim Chi, aka Sang-Young Shin, is a Korean-American drag queen from Chicago who is DESTROYING “Ru Paul’s Drag Race.” In this interview Miss Chi offers the best life advice ever: Wear hanbok so you can eat lots of hamburgers. Done.

via W

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