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Mash-Up Round-Up: Chinese Food Christmas + Pandemic Radiators

Moo shoo for all!
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The week of December 12, 2020 was Dolly eviscerating RuPaul; Mount Everest getting a little bit taller; exploring why pandas are covering themselves in horse poop; and our interview with the Galactic Federation. It didn’t go well.

Oh, and don’t miss our 2020 Book Gift Guide and our 2020 Giving Guide this year. Everything is hard and books are our escape and giving is our way of life. If you want to support the places our team at Mash-Up HQ is supporting this year, please do check it out. And tell us what causes are near and dear to YOUR heart this year!

Mash-Ups In The News:

Hanukkah Calls Jews To Light The Darkness. This Year, We Need It Even More.

Did you know Hanukkah is actually completely metal? Celebrate safely, increase the light, and enjoy the newest song on our mashy Hanukkah playlist.

“When we blaze brightly and bravely in the world, we publicize the miracle that has happened and fight to bring one yet to come…We must all shine out, together, big and bright.”

via Washington Post

How The Cherokee Nation Is Beating Back COVID

Last week, Iowa showed a government doing nothing. Now, the Cherokee Nation stands alone as a rare example of pandemic planning done right. Hear how they did it, and what’s next to come.

via Slate

Dionne Warwick Has Entered The Chat

79 years, 150,000 followers, and loooots of time at home. Dionne Warwick has added “Twitter personality” to her long list of talents and she’s taking no prisoners.

via NY Times

‘We’re Doing Our Thing’: Why Many Sacramento Jews Observe Christmas With Chinese Food

There’s nothing more American than Chinese food on Christmas. This is how a Jewish holiday formed around a non-Jewish holiday rite, and how Mash-Up traditions are created.

via Sacbee

From Closets To Subway Tile: How Previous Epidemics Shaped Design

We somehow missed this story the first time around but now we’re obsessed. Powder rooms, sleeping porches, white kitchen tiles, closets, and those cacophonous heat monsters we call radiators — the legacy of past pandemics are all around us.

via Architectural Digest

More Americans Are Shoplifting Food As Aid Runs Out

Jean is 21 years old, having to sneak food into her baby’s stroller to keep them alive. The federal government responded with cruel inaction. Walmart responded by locking up baby formula.

via Washington Post

Nick Kroll And Seth Rogen Trade Summer Camp Horror Stories

A chaotic interview of “Jew-ish” summer camps, Wu-Tang cassettes, Queen lip-syncs in spandex, traumatic group showers, and the Goldbergs in each of our lives.

via Interview

Global Superstar Bad Bunny Has Never Won A ‘Gringo Grammy.’ Will 2021 Finally Be His Year?

“To us, the Latin Grammys are the Grammys,” says Bad Bunny, calling from his home in Puerto Rico. “But of course, I’m happy to be nominated for a gringo Grammy.”

via LA Times

The Virus Has Stolen Your Face From Me

A portrait artist sees our masks (red paisley, Etsy bedazzled, surgical-blue and all) and imagines the hidden faces underneath. A beautiful essay on visibility, disability, connection, and fragmentation in the COVID era.

via NY Times

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