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Mash-Up Round-Up: Hypebeast Barbie + Boba

The Barbie of our dreams, really.
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The week of November 2, 2019 was the arrival of Hypebeast Barbie; eviscerating Luger’s; embracing the granny cart; and pairing our wine with Sour Patch Kids. You’re welcome!

John Legend And Chrissy Teigen On Love, Childhood Traumas, And The “Sh–ty Human Being” In The White House

Relationship-goals, family-goals, Twitter-clap-back-goals — Vanity Fair entered the Legend-Teigen household and reported back everything we ever hoped to know about OUR First Family.

via Vanity Fair

My Mexican-American Family Never Celebrated Día de Muertos. Then Abuela Died.

Día de Muertos instead asks us to consider that we exist in conversation with the people who came before us and the people who will come after us. It says the border between life and death — and every border we encounter in between — is porous.

via Washington Post

Domino’s Taiwan Offering Pearl Milk Tea Pizza

You can now order “Brown Sugar Pearl Milk Tea Pizza” at Domino’s in Taiwan. Our impulse-plane-ticket-buying hands are shaking.

via Taiwan News

Translation And The Family Of Things

Sometimes communicating with your immigrant parents can mean getting “lost in the landscape of the untranslatable.” Through poetry, the act of translation became a bridge with rather than a barrier.

via Guernica

The American Road Trip: Tradition

From Michigan to New Hampshire, this road trip by Farah Al Qasimi and Liana Aghajanian asked, explored, and answered (as much as it could): “What Makes a Tradition American?”

via NY Times

As His Alzheimer’s Looms, Charles And Pam Ogletree Take One Last Walk In Love
“The losses happen without ceremony. One day things are possible, another they are gone.”

Renown scholar and crusader for civil rights, Charles J. Ogletree Jr. decided to focus on what he has, not on what he’s losing or once had.

via Boston Globe

Apricots And Meyer Lemons In The Valley Of The Heart’s Delight

The memory of one backyard apricot tree and the Meyer lemon tree that replaced it—these fruits immigrated from China to California like the family who ate them.

via SF Chronicle

Children Of Poor Immigrants Rise, Regardless Of Where They Come From

After comparing millions of fathers and sons — from the 1880s to now — research shows that children of poor immigrants have more success finding the American Dream than children of parents born in the U.S. Why?

via New York Times

India Youtuber ‘Grandpa Kitchen’ Who Cooked Giant Meals For Orphans Passes Away

“Loving. Caring. Sharing. This is my family.” Narayana Reddy would make everything from brownies to mutton biryani for the children in his community who needed it the most. After his passing, comments flooded his channel reciting his motto: Leiben. Teilen. Sorgen.

via Foodie

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