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Mash-Up Round-Up: Dolly/BTS + We Love Lizzo

No like we really love her.
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The week of February 16, 2019 was learning Michelle Obama’s mom is un-im-pressed; hoping all of these children sue their parents; and praying that the Dolly-BTS mash-up happens and validates our whole life.

The French Fry power ranking is … wrong?

Mash-Ups In The News:

Hispanics, Not Trump, Are The Biggest Engine Of U.S. Economic Growth

We already knew immigrants and the U.S. Hispanic community make our country better, and also we make the economy  go.

via Forbes

The Caviar Con

Russian caviar smugglers hunting paddlefish eggs. Local fisherman ready to stand their ground. Undercover feds in it for the long con. This story has everything, including a plot twist to the smuggler’s scheme that’s honestly pretty relatable.

via Longreads

Barbie Now Has A Wheelchair And A Prosthetic Leg

How do we make Barbie relevant in 2019? Make her look like the people who play with her! New dolls are being released with removable prosthetic limbs and wheelchairs, the most popular request for the company. 

via Teen Vogue

Girl Scouts Reject Anti-Transgender Gift, Then Triple The Money

Girls Scouts means ALL girls. Anyone looking to sell some Tagalongs or Samoas? We’re always here to support the cause.

via Los Angeles Times

A Reading List For Ralph Northam

AngelouRobertsBaldwinLaymonFonerAlexander — The “stop being racist” syllabus is here for everyone, but especially for those who don’t understand the problem with blackface.

via The Atlantic

The Maddening, Baffling, Exhausting Endurance Of Anti-Semitism

Immune to any reasonable facts or logic, the conspiracy theories of “nefarious Jewish control” are world-historical, relentless, and so goddamn exhausting. How and why are we still dealing with this??

via The Nation

Meet The ‘Colored Girls,’ The Hidden Figures In American Politics

“We sat facing him, on the convention dais. Who are we? We’re the Colored Girls, four African American women who had been a part of his political life since he first entered politics on a national level.”

Leah Daughtry, Yolanda Caraway, Minyon Moore and Donna Brazile. Know their names and know their stories!

via Washington Post

The Gay History Of America’s Classic Children’s Books

Frog and Toad were the Bert and Ernie of picture books, and their relationship certainly wasn’t alone amongst your favorite 20th century classics. Coded and decoded, gay authors like Frog and Toad’s Lobel and their characters showed children what marriage looked like while they themselves couldn’t marry who they liked.

via New York Times

How Our Generation Is Changing The Definition Of ‘Femme’

Femme is a complicated word, idea, category, aesthetic, verb, adjective, sensory experience, practice and overall alchemy. How do we interpret ourselves or find ourselves interpreted by others? How do we treat masc and femme as collaborators, not competitors?

via OUT

It’s Just A Matter Of Time Til Everybody Loves Lizzo As Much As She Loves Herself

“That was for anybody who tries to stop my shine and tries to challenge my existence. Don’t challenge my motherfucking right to be here, bitch.”

She’s been a master flautist for 20 years, she’s ready to show off, and we’re ready to watch.

via The Cut

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