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Mash-Up Round-Up: What Beauty Looks Like Around the World

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Ladies look good.
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The week of April 4, 2015 was: getting really excited for our first tinned fish party; enjoying some gluten-free art; wearing shirts in homage to the ladies of NPR; and being wildly motivated by Aasif Mandvi. Let’s face our fears together.

Happy Passover! Happy Easter! Here’s a retelling of the Passover story, with cats. Enjoy with a couple of Cadbury-Creme-egg-PEEPS S’mores. This is religious seasonal candy at its highest and best use.

Mash-Ups in the News:

Cairo, Seoul, Tel Aviv, London, Johannesburg: What Defines Beauty

Damn there are so many beautiful women in this world with incredible style.

via NY Mag

Chris Rock Takes A Selfie Every Time He Gets Pulled Over By Police

Chris Rock has been pulled over by the cops three times in the last month and a half, and he documents it each time.

via Huffington Post

This Isn’t the First Time Network TV Discovered Black People

The mid-90s had some kick ass shows aimed at Black audiences on network TV, at prime times. The most shocking thing about this article is that not everyone in the world watched Living Single. They were missing out.

via NPR

L’Oreal Paris Names Its First Asian-American Spokesmodel

Korean-American Soo Joo Park is repping us well.

via Style

The New Wave of Black Male Comedians

An exploration of identity, racial politics and humor. And nerds (our favorite).

via Vulture

TSA to Stop Searching Black Women’s Hair

To paraphrase Melissa Harris-Perry, if you can use a machine to see through our clothes, why can’t you tell I’m not hiding anything in my hair?

via Think Progress

An Essential Guide to Asian Noodles

Noodlemania! A guide to 12 types of Asian noodles that you should be cooking and how to do it.

via Food 52

Mormons Plagued by Prescription Drug Addiction

Utah has one of the largest rates of prescription drug addiction in the nation, even among the religious Mormon community.

via The Takeaway

The Last Jews of Calcutta

A photo series on the 20 remaining Jews in Calcutta and the Muslim friends and community who protect their legacy.

via Time

Why Indiana’s Religious Freedom Law Matters (Anti-Gay Pizza Aside)

It matters because if I can discriminate against you because I don’t agree with you, then everything is fair game. And that’s fucked.

via Refinery 29

A Tale of a Stolen iPhone and Chinese Celebrity

Someone stole a Buzzfeed Editor’s phone, so he followed it (Find My iPhone really works!) all the way to China and became best friends with its new owner, as well as becoming a celebrity in China.

via Buzzfeed

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