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Mash-Up Round-Up: How We Sleep

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It has a lot to do with how we Mash-Up.
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The week of February 20, 2016 was wondering if fat cats on a diet will still love us; seriously considering how useful it would be to have a rice maker in our car; and taking lessons in throwing shade from Queen MO.

Congrats to our friend Angry Asian Man, aka Phil Yu, for being honored with the AALDEF Justice in Action Award. Never stop, Phil!

RIP Harper Lee. We agree: There’s just one kind of folks. Folks.

Mash-Ups in the News:

RBG Honors Antonin Scalia, Her BFF

There is great power in friendship across ideological lines. Plus, here’s Samantha Bee’s response to Mitch McConnell’s great idea.

via SCOTUS Blog

Prince’s Passport Photo Exceeds All Government Requirements

White background? Check. Facing the camera? Check. Neutral expression? If by “neutral expression” you mean the most perfect face ever made, then check.

via Esquire

How We Sleep

How much we sleep is connected to race, education and marital status. The states where people are the least well rested — Hawaii, Kentucky — also have the highest rates of other health issues. Though not totally surprising, it’s still amazing how you can view societal issues from so many different angles.

via Fusion

Adidas Promises to Stand by Its LGBT Spokespeople

After silly backlash on a photo of a lesbian couple that Adidas posted for Valentine’s Day, Adidas went so far as to add a clause to their contracts with all the athletes they sponsor saying that they would never part ways just because they were LGBT. Meanwhile, Manny Pacquiao’s homophobic comments cost him his deal with Nike. The times are a-changing!

via Logo

Conan O’Brien, The Talking Goldfish, Takes Korea

Conan has been doing these wonderful specials where he travels to different countries inspired by his Mash-Up friends (Armenia! Cuba!) and he just landed in Korea. Which is why it makes perfect sense that he ended up on a Korean soap opera playing both a goldfish and the head of an international company called “Global Corp.”

via Kotaku


Is Speaking Spanish Necessary to be Latino?

Last weekend Cruz challenged Rubio to a Spanish-off. How good does your Spanish have to be to be a “real” Latino? 95% of Latinos believe it is important for future generations to speak Spanish. However, 71% believe you don’t have to speak Spanish to be Latino. We Mash-Ups are full of contradictions…and also somehow this makes perfect sense to us.

via Pew

Before I Knew My Daughter Was Gay, I Let Her Girlfriend Spend the Night

As a parent with pubescent kids, should the same rules apply whether your kids are gay or straight? What’s the fundamental issue you have with your kid having their boyfriend or girlfriend sleep over? Is it them being sexual or the fear of pregnancy and STDs?

via Washington Post

The Parmesan Cheese You Sprinkle on Your Penne Could Be Wood

Yes. Wood. Do not buy parmesan cheese that has ingredients other than parmesan cheese! YUCK.

via Bloomberg


For NYC Firefighters Learning Mandarin, Service Starts With “Ni Hao”

The Chinese population in New York City is on track to being the largest immigrant group in the city. So the NYFD has set up classes and first responders are spending two hours a week learning Mandarin. Delightful.

via NPR

Pride for Pidgin, a Language of Hawaii

Pidgin, or Hawaii Creole English, is a blend of Chinese, Portuguese, native Hawaiian, and English that was recently recognized by the census as a major language in Hawaii. The lexicon, developed by plantation workers, still faces some stigma, but more people on the islands are speaking it as a point of local pride. Aloha!

via Associated Press

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