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Mash-Up Round-Up: Instant Ramen Power Rankings

Which ramen shall reign supreme?
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The week of November 9, 2019 was the discovery of the elusive Good Florida Man; waiting for the return of real pants; and the dental nightmare we can never unsee. You’re welcome!

The Official Instant Ramen Power Rankings

Oh, we’ve got opinions (Myojo Charumera Ramen 🙌). But this journalist ate 31 types of instant ramen, and for that they have our unconditional respect. From MyKuali to Maruchan to Dr. McDougall’s Right Foods, here’s your official power ranking.

via LA Times

Is There A Right Way To Be Deaf?

Adapt to hearing culture or embrace deaf culture? Sarah Katz’s parents tried to give her the best of both worlds with a bicultural-bilingual approach: Cued speech and sign language. A Mash-Up story of family, code-switching, finding your community.  

via New York Times

Why Protests Around The World Often Involve Public Transportation

Subways are essential to our everyday life and one of the last mashy public spaces we share. New York, Chile, Hong Kong. Your explainer for the inextricable ties between public transit and public protest.

via Vox

The Japanese Fried-Rice Omelette That Rewired My Brain

Omurice is fried rice tucked under a warm, creamy blanket of omelette. Being gaijin in Japan, Bryan Washington found himself returning to this dish as a comforting staple, bonding strangers and connecting his life at home and abroad.

via New Yorker

My Time Inside A Group Where Men Confront Their Feelings

Once a week in a Brooklyn apartment, a cohort of guys share their deepest fears, secrets, and feelings — in the hope that they can become better men: “I began to realize that my world doesn’t collapse if someone else sees me have an emotion. it seems so simple now, but it came as a revelation.”

via GQ

Could A Ski Hill, A Theme Park And 40 Water Slides Save The American Mall?

American malls are our modern ruins. Will the most expensive U.S. mall ever created become the most expensive playground for urban explorers?

via WSJ

Whose Boots On The Ground

When Trump says things like: “I would put boots on the ground,” think about the person who actually wears those boots, and who leaves them behind in empty bedrooms for families to mourn.

via Longreads

Red Hot Chili Peppers And The Birth Of “Alternative” Music

RHCP subverted masculinity like they subverted popular music. Using aggression to express joy, ecstasy, and sadness. Using near-nudity and nonstop athleticism to objectify male sexuality.  Here’s how RCHP became America’s rock band.

via MTV

Virginia’s Election Results Are A Victory For The Equal Rights Amendment

RBG said it best: “I would like my granddaughters, when they pick up the Constitution, to see that notion — that women and men are persons of equal stature — I’d like them to see that is a basic principle of our society.”

via Vox

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